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Landlord’s Corner

Our Landlord's Corner is for all rental investors, full of articles for every type of landlord financing to help you grow your portfolio profitably.

Short term rental trendsGoogle Trends is Showing Profit Locations for Short-term Rentals

The holiday cottage in the country is now the hottest short term rental trends in 2022. Sometimes you just need your space, and that space is sometimes making people profit.

You got your car rentals all figured out, vacation packages are taken care of by an instant booking through the real estate market, perhaps a visit to some nearby national parks as part of your top destinations list but all the bookings for vacation rentals, host service fee, and some sort of additional fees for your reservation and then a light comes on in you head. Own your own vacation rentals and save all those holiday rent costs you would expect to pay as a guest.

Holiday Homes As  Short Term Rental Income

Vacation rentals can start to get expensive as the short term rental market grows. Business travelers who own holiday homes in urban areas can use them as vacation homes and as property owners, since it is their own home they can use it as a holiday cottage for the short term rental market. The average number of frequent business travelers to the same destination might do well to invest in a house that could be revenue each week.

DSCR LOAN - DSCR LOANSDSCR Loan - What are DSCR loans?

The DSCR loan gives the borrower DSCR loans purely for the cash flows generated by the investment and no personal income. DSCR loans are available for the financing of residential or commercial property.

We Provide a No DSCR Ratio - Fast and Easy Loans for Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for a vacation rental, we provide a No DSCR Ratio -Fast and Easy Loans. This loan is perfect for those who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with a dscr loan. With a No DSCR Ratio -Fast and Easy Loan, you can get the financing you need quickly and easily.

How Does a No DSCR Ratio Loan Differ from Traditional Loans?

Traditional loans focus on your personal income instead of the rental income of the monthly rent, the monthly payment debt obligations to purchase loans for those mortgage brokers are based on the borrower's ability to prove enough cash flow from personal finance to cover the debt. We have an entire section on DSCR No Ratio Loans

Investing in Vacation Rental Property

vacation rental home profitThe vacation rental property is a real estate investment that can be a great opportunity for you if you are looking for a passive income. It can also be a great investment for your retirement funds.

Investing in property is always risky and the vacation rental property is no exception to this rule, but it has its own benefits and is in a growing market. The main benefit of this type of property is that it generates an income all year round and doesn't require much work on your part to maintain it. The downside, on the other hand, is that it can be difficult to find enough tenants to make the investment profitable.

The Advantages of Owning a Vacation Home as an Investment

Owning a vacation home is an investment that can provide financial security and peace of mind.

Investment opportunities are not limited to stocks and bonds, as there are many other ways to invest your money. Owning a vacation home is one of the best investments you can make today. It provides financial security and peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with your business or personal life.

Monday, 28 February 2022 18:12

Know Thy Neighborhood for Landlord Success?

feeling mighty successful

'What is a good cap rate' is usually the first metric people look for when determining whether the potential real estate investment is appealing to them. If you are wondering what is a good cap rate, it's up to you to decide.

For instance, if you're getting a good 6% percent for a shaky neighborhood with plenty of risks, 6% might not be worthwhile.

Finding good tenants in a good neighborhood is what matters.

Getting to know the neighborhood is surprisingly one of the simplest ways to improve the value of your rental property.

The more involvement you show, the easier it becomes to identify areas of the community that you can enhance. It is beneficial to understand and support the neighborhood you are serving because it will also encourage others to show pride in the communities they live in.

Rental property investors are exploding profits

smart landlordSmart investment property mortgages are one of the main tools fueling enhanced returns for intelligent income property investors seeking capital growth and more attractive yields. Understanding of the performance-enhancing benefits of new smart investment property loans explains the new values being placed on properties, and how the most sophisticated investors are creating spreads that were never possible before.

Smart Leverage is Booming

There are many signs that the US real estate industry is experiencing a resurgence in investors and this will contribute to the economy in many ways. It will lead to job creation and increased tax revenue for both public and private entities.

Rent increases and income property values have increased steadily over the past 5 years. Some of the most significant increases were seen in Southwest Florida, with values up to 50%.

Income property investors are acquiring investment properties now as prices are still on the rise. Investors are seeing rapid growth in the amount of money they're making and it's only going to get better.

Tuesday, 25 January 2022 07:10

Increase Single-Family Rental Profits

Increase Single Family Rental ProfitsMaximize Single-Family Rental Profits with Airbnb or Vrbo

When your single-family rentals are not being leased/rented, you will be missing out on a huge market of people looking for a home to rent for a few days. This may not fit your traditional idea of keeping long-term contracts, but with an average occupancy rate of over 80% on short-term rentals, you may want to refinance or restructure to take advantage of this fast-growing market.

Introduce Your Renters to Local Attractions

Provided your renters are happy, they will more than likely rent from you again and even refer you to others. Making their living experience at your rental property an adventure to remember will ensure occupancy. Airbnb & Vrbo users are always looking for something local to do so it would be wise to research the area for attractions around your property. 

step by step guide be a landlordHow to Start Your Own Rental Property Empire:

Introduction to Being a Landlord

There are many ways to invest in real estate, but one of the most exciting and lucrative is to buy a rental property.

With a little time and effort, you can start your own rental property empire and grow it to be a thriving and profitable business.

Start with an LLC business license to make getting credit super easy. Start some research on what it takes to upkeep a home or even an apartment building you may choose to buy. If you want into the Airbnb & Vrbo markets, we can help with short term property loans.

airbnb loans in TennesseeThe post "Nashville Area Has Low Cost of Living and High Quality of Life" appeared first on Lifestyle.

We all know that Nashville is a great city for Southern charm and culture, but did you know that the cost of living there is also among the lowest in the nation?

Why should I invest in real estate in Tennessee?

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to grow your wealth. Yet, there are many questions that come to mind when considering this option. For example, why should I invest in real estate in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s economy is booming. It has the eighth-largest economy of any state with a GDP of $303 billion, making it the sixth-largest contributor to the US economy. The state also has the seventh-best business climate among all 50 states. There are many reasons why investing in Tennessee real estate could be a wise decision for you and your family.

fame The right kind of fame.

Recent landlord news over the past few years shows an increase of landlord fame, although not famous for the reasons they might wish. With a bit of planing and teamwork you can avoid increased insurance costs, remodeling costs, legal fees, administrative charges, and fines related to the "wrong" kind of fame.

Stories abound on not so lawful methods utimately being employed in order to get rent from a "Slick Willy" mooching renter. Some of the stories are almost as funny as college pranks such as removing the front door entirely instead of just padlocking it shut. Other methods make the news as our following frustrated Landlords did.

Thursday, 29 October 2015 05:00

Facing Rental Property Abandonment?

What are Landlord's Legal Rights?

tenant keysEvery landlord or real estate investor wants decent tenants the day they think of buying rental property. Quiet tenants are considered a good choice as they never create a fuss and live quietly without any complaints or arguments. But, sometimes this silence of the tenant raises the issue of abandonment.

Generally, landlords focus on trouble-makers and overlook the silent absentees. Silence is good, but not always! If you find that your tenants have disappeared without any notice or are off on long vacation, make sure you inquire about them to avoid any problems down the line.

Rental property abandonment is a major problem for landlords. Buying rental property involves such risks right from the very beginning. The situation gets worse if the tenants abandon their furniture, magazines, books, and even trash. If you are facing this kind of problem, the following are some tips that you should keep in mind.

emotionSigning a Tenant is An Emotion-Based Process

If you’ve ever been in the sales business of any kind, you must have heard that people are said to making purchases with their emotions and backing it up with logic. This principle along with clear communication is the key to ensuring you keep the right tenant in your property. There's more to investing in rental property than just buying a rental home.

In this article, we are going to see how this principle can help us fill vacancies and keep the rent money flowing in.

Monday, 05 October 2015 05:00

What every landlord should know

Are You Becoming a Landlord

knowledge is powerKnow The Real Truth Behind Every Landlord

Everyone likes passive income. And nothing brings in more money than a good rental property in the USA. Personal finance blogs and financial advisors all suggest that you invest in rental property in your neighborhood and even list steps to make it possible. But its easier said than done since ground realities are different from what seems on the surface.

At the same time, the right amount of passive income is the key to successful retirement. So, lets explore the real truth behind becoming a landlord and how to become one.

Buying Your First Rental Property

5 steps to buying your first rental propertyTo finance an investment property you need a business loan. Business loans for rental property are every newbie investor's nightmare. Yet, it is exactly the forbidden fruit you are going to have to taste in order to create a successful rental portfolio. A new investor might have read real estate magazines, books and blogs. But nothing teaches more than experience.

You are not alone since buying a rental property involves many considerations. Trust building and relationship with brokers plays an important step. We are here to help you through the process to make your first rental property an easy investment.

Here are 5 more credible steps that you need to take in order to secure the right commercial real estate loan.

Friday, 28 August 2015 05:00

Taking Baby Steps to Landlord?

Crucial Facets to Know Before Buying Your First Rental Property

Real estate investing can offer a bright financial future! However, just because real estate investment has a great reputation for delivering great returns, doesn’t mean that all investments are the same.

The secret to obtaining great returns lies in understanding and choosing only the best real estate. This article will help you sort through the clutter by providing the important considerations to think about before buying your first rental property.

How To Be A Good Landlord – Tips, Advice & Responsibilities

landlordsBuying a rental property and becoming a landlord comes with a lot of responsibilities and unfortunately stress. A landlord generally deals with tenants and their complaints, high dollar property repairs and many other endless rent tax issues. All these things turn a well-meaning property owner into a jaded landlord.


Oftentimes, as a landlord, it is easy to see your tenants as dollar signs, instead on building a good tenant/landlord relationship. But, establishing a good relation with your tenants and marketing yourself as a good landlord has various benefits. You won't be having any disputes with your tenants over repairs or maintenance. Your tenants are more likely to renew the lease even with a rent increase.


Following are seven tips you can utilize to be a great landlord.


1. Customize the Lease

You can get a standard lease form online or from any office supply store. This will cover the basics of lease, including rent, security deposit cost and legal terms and conditions. You can consider adding any special rules and include late payment fees to maintenance responsibilities. A clear lease with all do's and dont's mentioned, will reduce friction between you and your tenants.


2. Know the Laws

Each state has a landlord and tenant act that covers rent, security deposits, rights and duties of landlord and tenant. You can get the copy of these terms from the Department of Housing office in your area. Get to know about the laws and your duties towards your tenants. In worst-case scenario, violating a tenant’s right may lead you to the civil court.

Complete Guide to Landlord Financing

Is Buy-to-Rent a Gold Mine as Advertised for Landlord Financing Investors?

leaseWhat is Buy-to-Rent for Landlord Financing?

Buy-to-rent is pretty much what it sounds like – you buy a real estate property for the purpose of renting it out to tenants.  Landlord financing is available because as a future landlord, you are making an investment we can help finance.  Why? Because becoming a landlord is just like becoming a small business owner. Your property acts as a medium to long-term investment, but also as a business with proven resources and credibility worthy to finance. Buy-to-rent investment varies a lot from owning your own home.

Is the buy-to-rent market a wise area for landlord finance investing?

The short answer is yes. The buy-to-rent market has grown and continues to grow, thanks to an increasing population that has led to a shortfall in available properties in U.S.

What else drives the rental market for landlord financing?

8 Step Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Tenants Happy

happyA happy tenant often means a happy landlord. When a landlord has a good relationship with their tenant, issues such as property damage, late or no payment of rent can be reduced to a certain level.

While it is beneficial for a landlord, building and maintaining a good relationship needs some work. You can't build a good relation with your tenants by merely putting them into a property or by keeping an eye on every activity of your tenant.

Below is the list of key things to consider when building a great relationship with your tenants:

What's Better For the SFR Investor – Capital Expenditures or Routine Repairs?

wall repairFinancing for a single-family rental investment is generally based on the principles of commercial lending that include a capital expenditure reserve. For some residential investors, capital expenditure terminologyCapEx for short — is unfamiliar. Capital expenditure reserves are common in the commercial real estate but lesser known in the residential real estate space.


A capital expenditure is something that can be capitalized over a stipulated period. It either adds or upgrades the physical assets of a property. Basically, it is a one-time huge expense.

Examples of capital expenditure include a new roof, flooring or appliance. It can also include installation of a new heating and cooling system or undertaking maintenance of an existing HVAC system. The same goes for new plumbing or major electrical work.

Keep Pests Out of Your Rental Property!

house pestsPests – roaches, ants, termites and so on – can create a huge nuisance at any premises. Rental properties are no different. Keeping pests out of the rental property is a year round job. Pest infestation can seriously affect the structural integrity of your investment. If you are dealing with a home that seems consistently plagued by pests, here are a few simple tips to eradicate these varmints from your property:

Don’t Feed or Water the Pests

Simple enough, pests roam around in search of food and water. Learn what particular pests eat and try to eliminate those sources. If you have tenants, ask them to keep the property dry and clean. Don't give the pests any reason to get inside your premises.

Make Your Rental Property Spring-Ready Without Breaking the Bank

spring cleaningSpring is just around the corner. That means many renters will now be looking for a rental property to move into. Landlords all over U.S. must gear up to do some spring cleaning on their rental properties. Cleaning and maintaining your property doesn't only have to happen only in spring, but this time of the year is great to get up close and personal with your property to look for issues or problems that 'Old Man Winter' left behind.

Also, some repairs and fixes are impossible to do when the weather is freezing cold. So it's better to take advantage of the warmer weather to check on things. After all, warmer days bring a warmer rental market.

Here a few tips to help you attract new tenants to vacant properties without breaking the bank: