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Meet Your Team

Creative Financing

Our finance team manages the all of the firm’s liquidity, capital and risk, and provides the overall financial control, responsibilities, and reporting function.

The responsibilities include managing liquidity risk, long-term debt issuance, assessing the creditworthiness of the firm’s counterparties, monitoring market risks associated with the firm’s trading activities, and building risk models to support new businesses objectives and analysis. Together, by managing responsibilities of the firm’s relationships with regulators, rating agencies and creditors, we strive to provide a much needed service to rental home investor and the the rental home portfolio market.

Who We Look For

Our people come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, including specialist fields such as accounting, tax and quantitative analysis as well as broader business experience.


Jennifer Abshire, CCO - General Partner

Jennifer Abshire is the Senior Analyst and CCO of Rental Home Financing. Jennifer is responsible for credit and collateral risk management for the firm and brings several years of banking experience that encompasses commercial and real estate financing.


Doug Goins, CMO - General Partner - National Sales Director

Doug has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, & real estate investing. He is our national sales director, head of marketing and business development as well as being a general partner in the company.


Michelle Barnett Analyst - Senior Transactional Manager

Michelle is the Senior Analyst and Transactional Manager of Rental Home Financing. Managing the transaction process from start to closing, she is the expert liaison during the underwriting and due diligence process. 

Chris O'Connor - Sales Director

As the sales manager, Chris helps with originating our various investment products.  Including our revolutionary, Second Generation Securitization Product. We and out clients have enjoyed Chris as our sales director who has helped many people bring to life thier rental home portfolio dreams while helping our company grow.

Jay Alessandra - Marketing Analysis & Finance Author

Jay Alessandra comes to RHF with an extensive background in SEO marketing and communications helping to strategize content, advertising, and search engine optimization. His skills in finance writing has provided us with an abundance of relavent artlicles to help viewers make smart financial decisons while at the same time driving qualified traffic to our website.

Rental Home Financing
9465 Counselors Way
Suite #200,
Indianapolis, IN 46240


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About Rental Home Financing:

Rental Home Financing, as the best mortgage lenders we originate rental home loan products and cash out refinance investment property loans as the best investment property refinance lenders. Commercial blanket loans are available with a commercial purpose to suit your needs.

Also, as DSCR loan specialists, we are currently authorized to make such loans in most all areas of the United States. Specific circumstances will determine whether we have the ability approve/close portfolio rental home loans in your state(s). When you are ready to get a mortgage for rental property, we are ready to serve you.

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