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Investment Portfolio Mortgage Programs for a Rental Investment Loan

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Investment property loans for rental properties

New investment property loans are available with easy rental property loan requirements for investment properties in 2023.

As Rental Home Financing, a Direct Lender for real estate investors we enter our 16th year of arranging loans exclusively for landlords with investment property loans. As portfolio lenders we can provide loan offers with an unlimited loan amount!

You can finally get a portfolio loan from portfolio lenders for your rental properties from your first short term rental to your 100th+! 

We have recently negotiated a virtually unlimited amount of capital to deploy for investment property loans. We have programs for credit score challenged real estate investors looking to generate income.

People come to us for a rental property loan because we can provide hard money loans as private lenders using creative financing that other mortgage brokers, credit unions, and other mortgage brokers can't because they are stuck with only being able to offer you a conventional loan.

Investment Property Loans

Now available in the way of commercial real estate loans, or for a single family primary home you wish to rent out. The process is simple you are just required to file loan amount and contact details on our apply now page. We usually try to get back with you within a business day if not sooner.

The process of the origination fees for mortgage loan vacation rental property will be explained in a short phone call. Let us help you become one of the many growing rental property owners and get your monthly rental income started.

Credit Score

The loan term offered will be competitive for your portfolio loan and child support or having to file a tax return tax credits is not necessary. The rental property loan options and interest rates on some of our rental property loans can be based on the probable income of the investment properties.

This is not a credit card loan application based on your W2, it's for portfolio lenders to help you sell the loan later to get more rental properties or even help you lease option them to your customers. Whatever your portfolio needs, we are here to help you achieve them. Usually, even with a minimum credit score of around 640 we can get you personally financed.

With recent changes in the interest rate for investment property loans, we have options. Your loan amounts are not dependent upon your personal tax returns. It's a great way to avoid credit card debt by using the income of the vacation rental properties for a portfolio loan.

Stated Commercial Investor

You are only required to file the stated income of your short-term rental to figure out the loan term. We will usually be able to determine the "property" credit scores within a business day, including the origination fee, etc... without worrying about what you included when you file a tax return.

Your filing status to us as mortgage broker portfolio lenders is based on your rental properties since there is such a higher return on vacation property you win. To learn more about how a "Stated Commercial Investor" qualifies faster and eaiser, check out our Stated Investor Page.

Rental Investment Loans:

We provide a fast easy loan review process for unlimited loans that are easy to qualify for with no tax returns required. We are your resource for creative investment financing. Let's get your future rental income in top rental property performance.

Now with more aggressive underwriting guidelines, adjustable-rate ARM products to help you grow your rental portfolio.


Our Investment Loan Products
Single-property-loans.pngSINGLE PROPERTY LOANS

Ideal for the first time to the moderate investor that is acquiring a new or existing restructuring debt.

The loan features lower upfront cost, use of existing entities, no CAPEX requirements, and expeditious closing times. You found a real estate agent, have your minimum down payment, and ready to get your rental property loan.

Our Single Asset product is more aggressive underwriting and often more creative than Blanket Loans. Both newly formed investors and truly seasoned rental real estate professionals are now able to use our Single Property loan program.

Professional Landlords will appreciate the streamlined application process, the first-time property owners, on the flip side, should use our online resources available to assist those looking to make their own mark in rental property investing. 

Learn more about Single Property Loans or APPLY NOW. for your investment property mortgage.



Blanket Loan Homes

The best overall solution for active investors that have 3 or more investment properties and are seeking the lowest interest rate. Other reasons investors might seek this option would include minor credit issues, require non-recourse execution, or don’t mind longer-term pre-payment penalties.

We specialize in landlord financing by providing permanent financing for investors with at least 3 properties in most areas of the country with our innovative new programs geared toward the entrepreneur investor looking for something other than conventional loans.

As private equity lenders that specialize in rental property, we don’t really care about your personal tax returns, we look at the net operating income that will boost your cash reserves even during high interest rates.

We understand that most landlords write off expenses and may demonstrate a small or even loss on business returns. That’s ok with us… All of our decisions for your mortgage payment are based on the LTV, credit, loan size, net worth, down payment, and cash flow of the collateral. Learn more about Blanket Loans or Apply Online Now.


vacation rental loans no ratio

The hidden gem in short term rental profits is the No Ratio Loan. AS the name implies, the most aggressive business purpose investor product on the market today - Hands down - Perfect for higher-end properties that simply don’t cash flow using traditional market rents. We want to be your mortgage lenders.

We simply require a qualified borrower and a property that shows pride of ownership in a well-populated city. With a minimal credit score, your investment property loan will turn into rental income and make your monthly mortgage payments. There is massive growth in the short-term rental market because people are discovering no-limit loans.

No income ratio mortgages with stated income loans can be ideal for investors needing to close fast with a vacant property, who want a streamlined closing process, and who want to be confident when making offers on new purchases.

Fix & Flip Loans

Your portfolio loan is just a click away! Our program reduces the information and time required to file so your approvals can get your rental properties into cash flow mode as soon as possible. Also great for a fix and flip start towards a refi upscaling rent profits. In the industry, it is known as the "BRRRR" (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method.

Let's get your vacation property started today. Don't miss out on the short-term rental boom for vacation rental properties. Expand the limits of your vacation property dreams with a portfolio lender to get you started. Call today for a free consultation 888-375-7977.

Build to Rent New Construction Loans

Leverage Implied Equity in Build to Rent Property

Implied equity is another term for "equity-like value." When looking to secure build-to-rent financing, you may benefit from what's known as "implied equity." You can use a DCR loan to access hidden equity in your project before it is built, much like a DSCR loan without a ratio to your personal income.

Of course, equity can help you buy houses; however, as your portfolio grows, it may become increasingly difficult to utilize this valuable asset. You can't use it to secure financing or add to your portfolio until you've built equity in your most recent purchases.

The equity you'll create when you put down a deposit on a house you intend to rent is assumed in the potential income of the property. After all, you'll be getting monthly rental payments that will go straight toward reducing the principal amount of your mortgage. This should help you get a better price than NMLS currently offers. Visit our Build to Rent Loan page to learn more.

Fast Loans & Easy to Qualify

Easier qualifying may now make it possible for more investors to obtain the fair leverage you have been searching for. Learn more about Vacation Rental Loans or Apply Online Now.


Rental Home Financing: For Fast Profitable Real Estate Investing!


Landlord Financing

Rental Home Financing specializes in landlord financing by providing permanent financing for investors with at least 1 property in most areas of the country with our innovative new programs geared toward helping the entrepreneur investor with rental property financing.

Avoid balloon payment problems with long term rental income. Whether you are in search of money lenders for a commercial loan like an airbnb loan or a multifamily property, we got you covered.

If you are not using the home as a primary residence, your rental properties can create the cash reserves to take care of your monthly payments for the rental property loans. Call today for a free consultation 888-375-7977.

Easy Loan Review Process

Our investment property loan is easy, getting a rental property mortgage is not as difficult as people make it out to be. We will review the cash flow of the properties and ensure they cover the annual debt service ratios of >1.2 which is a commercial term for cash flow.

We are here to help the residential investor with stated income loans, multifamily blanket mortgage loans, 5 and 10 year fixed rate loans, 30 year fixed rate loans, non-performing loan financing, Airbnb financing, and apartment building financing. Apply now!

Easy Loan Qualifying: No Tax Returns Required 

As private equity lenders that specialize in rental investment property, we don’t really care about your personal tax returns. With our no dscr property loan for an investment property, the credit score from your W2 is not included. Give us a call today for rental property loan requirements

We understand that most landlords write off expenses and may demonstrate a small or even loss on business returns. As your mortgage lenders, that’s ok with us… All of our decisions are based on the LTV, credit, loan size, down payment, net worth, and cash flow of the collateral like a home equity loan.

Resourceful and Creative Investment Financing

There are several underwriting “buckets” that can be underwritten to based upon your specific loan requirements that offer competitive Non-Bank products that enable you to expand your rental business! This provides us with an abundance of non-traditional creative financing to help your investments grow.

If you don’t see what we offer, please contact us for a custom quote. We are here to help with your property income loan needs even if it is just a single asset loan. We will help you with loan terms for multifamily loans with better interest rates without the worry of your personal credit score which is usually an issue with a traditional mortgage.