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Indicative Transactions - Double your rental home investment business!

Our pricing structure and flexibility are unmatched in the industry.

  • Blanket mortgage loans for recapitalizing on free and clear portfolios of single family homes
  • Restructuring existing leverage into a compact, highly efficient, loan.
  • Get the lowest investment property mortgage rates available. 
  • Refinance of existing hard/private money loans
  • Reduce – Pay off existing credit facilities


Our blanket loans allow easier management and higher profit margins to your SFR portfolios.  We’ve got a solution for you.  Our pricing structure and flexibility are unmatched in the industry.


332 properties
in FL, AZ, & CA
135 properties
in  NC
369 properties
in  TX, IA, AZ
46 properties
in  NC & SC
14 properties
in  NM & AZ
55 properties
in  VA & NY
96 properties
in  OH, IN, & KY
102 properties
in OR, & WA
28 properties
in WI
16 properties
in UT
45 properties
in  MI, IN, & OH
42 properties
in  GA & TN
59 properties
in TN & KY
59 properties
in KS & OK
33 properties
in FL & GA
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Double your real estate business.

Double Your Business

We understand rental home business is cash intensive. Many of today's investors who have been snapping up vacant homes from various institutions have now begun to reach the lending limits set forth either by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or local lending credit unions, banks, etc.

Our loan products enable you to switch your debt to a new debt instrument that enables you to free your credit lines, consolidate your mortgages and virtually double your business!

Better hurry before your competitors do!

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