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Single Property Loans

New30/30 Programs!

Rental Investor Financing Single Property Loan

Finance a single property one at a time using our Rental Investor Financing Single Property Loan. Easy 30 year fixed rat for landlord financing.

We have a rental investor financing single property. Investors can now use our "Single Property Loan" to purchase, refinance or cash out individual rental properties one at a time. Investment property loans are not as difficult to obtain as you may think. An investment property loan is not based so much on your credit score as the investment properties themselves.

Our new rental investor financing lending programs allow rental investors to build their rental property mortgage portfolios 1 by 1, we are the investment property lenders to help get your cash flow going.

We Are YOUR Lending Partners From Your First Property to Your 100th!

When you are ready for your first rental properties, we will walk you through the available investment property loans to get your real estate cash reserves built up. We do more than just provide a rental property loan, yes our business is in rental property loans but we are hard money lenders that are concerned about your rental income. So if you are just wanting to improve your home equity line of credit, property value, or just get started as a real estate investor, give us a call.

Single Property Loans For Investment Properties

Investment property loan programs are available for single-property acquisition, refinance, and cash out mortgage loans for Rental Property Investors are available with benefits such as:

  • Investment Property Business Loans From $75,000
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • 30 Years Fixed Rate
  • 30 Year Amortization
  • Declining PPP
  • Up To 75% LTV On Purchase, Refinance, Or Cash Out
  • 1-2% Origination Fee Paid From Loan Proceeds At Close
  • Sensible Lending Decisions Based On Property Cash Flow, Not Your Personal Income
  • 85% DTI – Commercial Term For Cash Flow

Single Property Loans for Landlords

Both newly formed real estate investors and truly seasoned rental real estate professionals are now able to use our Single Property loan program. Professional Landlords will appreciate the streamlined application process, the first time property owners, on the flip side, should use our online resources available to assist those looking to make their own mark into rental property investing.

  • Competitive Interest Rates Without The Bank Hassles
  • No Personal Income DTI Calculations, Tax Forms Or W-2s Required
  • No Unnecessary Bank Paperwork
  • Common Sense Underwriting
  • Fund Into Your LLC
  • 2-4 Week Closing
  • Easy Down Payments

Hard Money Loans VS Conventional Loans

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are not always the best option, especially for rental properties. They can be more difficult to get and may require higher down payments, higher interest rates, monthly mortgage payment, and higher credit score causing you to take a minimum loan amount instead of what you need to grow your rental properties.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are often used by investors to purchase and rehab properties, as they can be approved quickly and are typically for shorter terms than traditional bank loans or fix and flip loans. The mortgage loan from hard money lenders is your shortest route to rental income for commercial property.

Hard Money Lenders

A hard money lender like us are a type of private lender that offers financing based on the value of the property and it's potential income, rather than the borrower's creditworthiness. We see this as commercial property so your debt to income ratio is not as important as the loan to value ratio.

The rental property value financing options does not have to take into account the personal credit report on the loan terms because we determine higher credit scores as a loan officer based the monthly cash flow for the real estate. You can apply online free for a quick response.

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Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans to help you build rental income is our specialty. Unlike a typical conventional mortgage lender, we know you are treating this like commercial property and expect the real estate cash flow to not only cover the mortgage loan, but to also put rental income into your pocket. Ensuring your monthly loan payment, down payment, creates enough cash reserves to act as private mortgage insurance.

Why go with conventional loans for rental property when we can get your cash flow moving with a hard money loan even with a minimum credit score of around 660. Investment properties with a rental property loan using us as your investment property lender is your first step to positive cash flow.

Rental Real Estate Low Credit Financing

Yes, you can own commercial properties. You can buy rental property with an investment property loan using an LLC as well. This gives you a fresh credit score to get the rental property without worrying about your personal debt to income ratio on your W2. This is a huge game-changer for obtaining rental property when a credit score is not optimal to get rental property loans. Investment property with hardmoney lenders makes it easier than a conventional loan.

Investment Properties are in your reach!

Not having to worry about a credit score allows more flexibility than with credit unions, or with a traditional mortgage. Rental investor financing for a single property loan can be your start as a real estate investor, even if you are just starting with your primary residence.

You no longer have to wait to buy your first rental property because you thought you would not qualify for a rental property loan. With a competitive interest rate from private lenders like us with more of a maximum loan amount than you could get on a personal loan as a real estate investor.

Your minimum credit score and down payment are not so important on investment property loans because we take into account the monthly cash flow towards the credit score to reduce the rental property down payment.

This also helps with the down payment and monthly mortgage payments on your investment property loans. This with our competitive interest rates beats conventional lenders and conventional mortgages hands down for a 30 year single property loan.

We Help You Build Cash Reserves

We want the investment property loan for your rental property to give you as much freedom as possible. That is why we also provide cash out refinancing options on existing rental properties and provide a maximum loan for real estate investing that is focused on your gross rental income. Apply online now to start building your cash reserves.

Primary Residence

You can even start with your primary residence, as your first rental income that beats a traditional mortgage. We build your investment property loan around your potential cash flow, because when you are successful, we are too.

Other Loan Programs we Offer as Private Lenders

We have more than just single property loans that outperform a traditional mortgage. We also beat the conventional loan programs from credit unions, and other online lenders for real estate investors, because our rental property loans can work with a minimum credit score based on rental income knowing your mortgage payments, will be safe.

We have other loan programs available to work with FHA loans, VA loans, to extend into multifamily property, multiple loans under one mortgage, one loan. For larger private investors you can check out or Blanke Loan Section for multiple properties under one loan with easy loan terms.

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