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Tips for Rental Home Refinance – How to Find Best Price Refinance Deals

5 Ultimate Tips to Know When Refinancing Rental Property Mortgage

findHomeowners often choose rental property ownership as an investment or something that yields consistent results. Over the years, however, you may need to refinance your rental portfolio, whether to take advantage of lower interest rates or decrease the monthly mortgage payments. The process of refinancing is not easy when it comes to rental properties.

Homeowners face a fair share of hurdles during the rental mortgage refinancing process. They need to know how to overcome those hurdles to get a new mortgage for their properties quickly.

There are some key considerations that must be kept in mind when planning to refinance your rental portfolio.

1. Know your Rental Investment Properties

When exploring your potential lending options in refinancing, it is important to have the most recent and accurate data on your assets. Acquisition date and price, current lease information, rehab expenses, maintenance/repair costs, insurance and taxes are some vital data that can lead you to the right financier. It is advised to organize the data in a clean excel file that is easy to understand for the lender.

Also, the lenders appreciate a recent property inspection report from a certified source. This will not only make you credible but also increase the available options.

2. Rental Property & Neighborhood Evaluation

Fluctuating home values play a vital role in shaping the size and terms of financing from a lender. There are various powerful tools that you can utilize, including and

These websites will empower your data and knowledge about the current value of the home. And also, help find a better rate along with a highly reviewed and verified lender. Create a matrix by using the information from various sources and generate an estimate of the current value for each of your rentals.

3. Research Investment Lender Requirements

Just as with a refinance of a primary residence, your credit score and income matter to the lender. Lenders regard rental properties as riskier than average primary residences, so they will evaluate you slightly differently.

Lenders will require all the important documents, including tax returns, debt statements and property documents. Along with these, you may be required to have six months of monthly mortgage payments in the bank. So, make sure you have sufficient funds to meet lender's expectations before submitting the application.

4. Compare our Best Deals for Investment Home Mortgages

Different lenders have different requirements and terms of rental property refinancing. Shop around to discover some amazing deals we can provide that weren't there some years ago. We have a variety of different investment loan plans to secure the best refinancing option for your rental property.

5. Organize your Real Estate Investment Documentation

After qualifying for a loan, your lender will require all the documents supporting the information you provided earlier. Make sure you create separate folders of your leases, acquisition information, insurance, and other important information on your computer. The more effectively you get the documentation up front, the quicker and easier will be the refinancing process.

Refinancing rental properties can prove challenging, but by preparing in advance rental property owners can reduce the refinancing headaches. You need to be a smart borrower that lenders can trust. So, if you are planning to refinance your rental portfolio, consider setting aside cash reserves and gathering documentation.


At Rental Home Financing, we offer competitive pricing to owners looking to refinance their rental properties. Our director Jack Heath is a veteran in home financing and specializes in rental home financing. Being a residential mortgage lender, we provide great deals on multifamily apartment lending with fast approvals. Contact today to refinance commercial and residential rental properties.


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