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Top 10 US Investment Locations for Buy to Rent

Top 10 Investment LocationsWhere Should I Be Investing?

Buy-to-Rent returns are showing buying more affordable than renting in 66 Percent of Markets. Potential buy-to-rent profits increased thanks to rental rate growth outpacing home price growth from a year ago. Some location returns increased to nearly 60% over the previous year.

What locations had at least a 59% increase in buy to rent potential for 2015? The best locations for  With a 2015 average range of 3% to almost 27% gross rental yeild depending on location, our question now demands more attention. The average individual average is around 9% but who wants just average results when it comes to investments.


We will look at two markets, locations currently on the move upward in profit and the second is the current highest return locations. This should give us a look at current and future opportunities available for buy to rent investing.

Our analysis of the current reports from RealtyTrac gives us a quick overview below. We have compiled the results with rounded figures sorted from lowest to highest out of all the best locations indicated prime for investing.

Top 10 Locations with Increasing Buy to Rent Returns:

1.  Santa Clara, California: 4%
2.  Orange, California: 5%
3.  Suffolk, New York: 6%
4.  King, Washington: 6%
5.  Fulton, Georgia: 7%
6.  Mecklenburg, North Carolina: 8%
7.  Franklin, Ohio: 9%
8.  Wake, North Carolina: 9%
9.  Cuyahogo, Ohio: 15%
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 18%


Top 10 Locations for Buy to Rent Returns:

1.  Oswego, New York: 13%
2.  Lucas, Ohio: 14%
3.  Hernando, Florida: 15%
4.  Cuyahoga, Ohio: 15%
5.  Wayne, Michigan: 16%
6.  Greene, Missouri: 17%
7.  Bibb, Georgia: 18%
8.  Mahoning, Ohio: 19%
9.  Bay Michigan: 19%
10. Clayton, Georgia: 24%

The demand for yield is so high, and capital so plentiful that we are ready to help you with qualified investments of $100M and up.  With locations becoming more affordable to buy than to rent, a buy to rent for investing makes sense.

Whether you are scouting for new locations or trying to identify if your currentl location is on the lists, we wish you all the best on your investments this and the new year coming.

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