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How To Make Your Rental Home More Spacious

spacious Extract The Maximum Dollar from Your Blanket Loans

By Extracting Maximum Space from Your Rental Homes

Being a landlord, it is solely your responsibility to make your tenants feel at home on the rental property. They should enjoy their new space. Landlords and tenants need to be a little creative in order to maximize the living space. Look for places where you would be able to stow your stuff easily, no matter how limited the storage space may be.

Have a look at some storage ideas to reduce clutter and create a place where everything can be stored without any hassle.

Go under

Even the smallest rental homes store some spaces that you need to explore. Use the space under the bed by placing shallow and long storage boxes. Make it a storage area for off-season clothing or bedding. If your bed is too low, consider bed risers to get a sufficient amount of space underneath. Camouflage the space under the bed with the help of a dust ruffle.

If you have no shelves under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, add crates to utilize that space to place your family's items.

Go Vertical – Look Above and Use the Space

Look at the top of the cabinets, have you ever thought of utilizing that extra space as a storage area? If not, it's time. That space can be utilized to store small appliances or oversized serving pieces. In order to protect these appliances from dust, it is good to invest in slipcovers to safeguard items like blenders and food processors.

Landlords can consider adding a ceiling rack that can prove to be a great space-saver. This way tenants would be able to hang pots and other accessories overhead, without crowding the cabinets.

Go Behind

When it comes to rental home storage, the backs of the doors are the most overlooked part. Look for over-the-door solutions that can be used to organize various things. Consider shoe bags, caddies, towel holders, and other over-the-door hooks that can hold scrub brushes and styling tools and many other things efficiently. This way you will find all your things organized and have a clean, clutter-free home.

Double Duty

If you are one of those landlords who offers a fully-furnished home, then consider investing in the furniture that has storage options inside. There are various furniture options available that enhance the beauty of your living space while hiding all the blankets, games, or exercise types of equipment within. Consider placing padded benches that not only make a great addition to porches or entryways but also give the perfect space for storing shoes, boots, gloves, umbrellas, etc.

Hit the Wall

Bookcases and shelves can add that extra space to your rental home that can store different kinds of things. You can either directly install the shelves or within crates and decorative boxes. Mounted removable hooks on the kitchen and closet walls are ideal to hang utensils, dish towels, purses and belts etc.

Even limited spaces can offer the storage you couldn't have thought of. You just need to think beyond your imagination. Make use of every surface in your effort to stow your things. Landlords can suggest a few tips for their tenants about how they can make the most out of the space you have provided to them.

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