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Increase Single-Family Rental Profits

Increase Single Family Rental Profits

Boost Profits on Single-Family Rentals

Maximize Single-Family Rental Profits with Airbnb or Vrbo

When your single-family rentals are not being leased/rented, you will be missing out on a huge market of people looking for a home to rent for a few days. This may not fit your traditional idea of keeping long-term contracts, but with an average occupancy rate of over 80% on short-term rentals, you may want to refinance or restructure to take advantage of this fast-growing market.

Introduce Your Renters to Local Attractions

Provided your renters are happy, they will more than likely rent from you again and even refer you to others. Making their living experience at your rental property an adventure to remember will ensure occupancy. Airbnb & Vrbo users are always looking for something local to do so it would be wise to research the area for attractions around your property. 

Note the local places for walks, hikes, museums, etc... as well as local attractions which may require a drive but, are worth the experience. Does not matter if you are renting long-term or short-term, keeping your tenants happily busy will not only save you problems that arise with tenants with boredom but will provide them a living experience they will want to share with others. If you think you are ready, give us a call today at  888-375-7977 or apply online now.

Single-family Investment Rentals & Property Managers.

Hiring a property manager to manage your single-family rental properties is crucial for protecting your investment as well as maximizing your income. You have two options when it comes to managing your property, do it yourself or hire a person or firm to do it for you. To learn more aobut our single-family investment rental loans, please visit our loan program page for Single Family Investment Rental Loans.

Rental Property Managers Possible Duties:

  • Rent collection
  • They are able to collect rents from tenants who won't or can't pay, something that most landlords don't know about.
  • Tenant selection
  • Property managers screen tenants before they allow them to move in. They also evaluate their rental history and assess their ability to pay.
  • Dealing With Uncooperative Tenants
  • Sometimes, a tenant is forced to cooperate after a job loss, divorce, or other life events. These situations are handled well by property managers who can also address issues related to problematic tenants.
  • Maintenance
  • They can call a maintenance company for you or provide the service.

A well-known strategy for maximizing income and protecting your investment is single-family investing. RentalHomeFinancing offers unique solutions for modern rental property owners. We are your investment property refinance lenders as well so if you need a refi to expand to your first property rental, apply online today.

We offer the best combination of long-term sustenance and profits, with flexible terms and rates. Contact us at 888-375-7977 today!




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