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New Generation Blanket Loan Blows Away ALL Competitors

HUGE market update and IMPORTANT program differences from your current capital source.

Rental Home Financing has industry leading long-term lending programs custom tailored to fit most ANY investor in the USA!



  • Unlimited cash to deploy for remainder of 2020 and beyond!

  • Most flexible loan structure in the industry!

  • 1,000’s of homes financed in past 10 years!

  • Property based financing!

  • 5 - 7- 10 - 30-year fixed rates!

  • LLC Financing!




3rd Generation Blanket Loan - 5 -10 - 30 Year Fixed Rates - Industry Leading Long-Term Financing:


  • 4.375% - 6.0% rate range – (Loan size – LTV – Zip code - Cash flow driven)
  • $500,000 min loan size – 5 door minimum
  • 30 Year Amortization
  • Interest Only Options
  • NO Upfront Deposit Required - (You pay 3rd party vendors directly)
  • NO CAPEX Required - Most lenders require $50/mo/door)
  • NO Yield Maintenance Pre-Payment Penalty - (Ours is declining)
  • NO Delaware LLC Required - (We allow anywhere USA LLC)
  • NO Large attorney fees - (Reasonable 3rd party paid at closing)
  • NO Large P&I reserve withholding at closing:
    (We don't require any reserves)
  • NO Balloon Payment - (Our product is 30 year fixed)
  • USE your title/attorney to close - (We respect your relationship with existing)
  • Purchase - Refinance - Cash Out
  • $75,000 – Target Minimum property VALUE
  • 1 loan – 1 lender – 1 monthly payment
  • 1.2x DSCR required across the entire portfolio collateralized
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • 660 Min FICO


Single Property Investor Loans - Rates starting at 5.0% for 30 Year Fixed

things to knowTHINGS TO KNOW: 

  • Individual loans – (can close 20 or more at same time using your title company)
  • No business or personal Tax Returns required
  • Can use existing LLC or anywhere LLC of you choosing
  • Highly credit score, LTV, Loan Purpose, loan amount, & zip code driven for rates
  • ~$75,000 minimum loan amount
  • Rate range – Low to 5's on up
  • Up to 75% Cash out
  • Up to 80% on purchase & rate and term
  • 3-year declining pre-payment penalty - 3%-2%-1%-0%
  • 30-year fixed rates – ARM rates are also available
  • 30-year amortization or Interest Only
  • 100% Personal Guarantee
  • $29 credit check – (paid to vendor using major cc)
  • You pay the cost of the appraisal directly to the vendor (using a major cc)


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The Rental Home Financing Team

Rental Home Financing
9465 Counselors Row #200
Indianapolis, In 46240


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Rental Home Financing
9465 Counselors Way
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Rental Home Financing, as the best mortgage lenders we originate rental home loan products and cash out refinance investment property loans as the best investment property refinance lenders. Commercial blanket loans are available with a commercial purpose to suit your needs.

Also, as DSCR loan specialists, we are currently authorized to make such loans in most all areas of the United States. Specific circumstances will determine whether we have the ability approve/close portfolio rental home loans in your state(s). When you are ready to get a mortgage for rental property, we are ready to serve you.

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