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North Carolina Real Estate & Investment Property Financing

North Carolina Real Estate & Investment Property Financing

NC has been undergoing major transformation. As the state switches gears, and stays in the lead on business and education trends the media is giving North Carolina a big thumbs up. Its new real estate boom hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

As tech companies, investors and mortgage lenders race to serve those working to develop NC many opportunities are arising.

North Carolina

Continuing to run with the baton and license plate slogan “First in Flight” NC is leading the nation in innovation, embracing the new economy.

Transitioning from a largely tobacco supported economy, NC is taking the lead in science, education, STEM, biotechnology, finance, and tech startups. All major internet carriers have vied hard for a spot in serving up the hyper-fast internet cities like Charlotte are willing to invest in, including AT&T and Google Fiber. The dedication is certainly paying off, with an incredibly low unemployment rate. Chief Executive Officer Magazine ranked the state #2 in the USA for business in 2010.

According to Wikipedia the largest cities in North Carolinainclude:

  1. Raleigh

  2. Charlotte

  3. Greensboro

  4. Durham

  5. Winston-Salem

  6. Fayetteville

Praise from the press includes:

The Wall Street Journal noting Asheville, NC saw the strongest year for luxury real estate since 2007 last year.

While the US as a whole saw pending home sales fall in peak summer months, the Charlotte Business Journal notes local pending homes sales rose 23%, with sales up 5.9% year-over-year, and median homes prices up 4.375% as of July 2014. has pegged Charlotte as a “bright spot” on the map for the second half of 2014 and inventory ticks up slightly, and selling timeframes drop 14 days year over year.

Forbes has named Raleigh, NC to the ‘Best Places for Business and Careers’ in 2014, with business costs almost 20% below the national average, aggressive population growth, and a strong talent pool.

NC Investment Property Financing

To meet the increasing interest in investing in real estate in NC has unleashed new mortgage programs as aggressive as the state’s new growth.

Blanket mortgage financing for single family rental homes provides existing investing millions in liquidity for freeing pent up capital, and expanding investment property portfolios while rates are low and asset prices offer significant value.

Fast underwriting, high loan-to-values, effective use of technology, and the flexibility to accommodate rapidly growing investors make these buy to rent loans a perfect fit for maximizing opportunities in NC.

Find out more about NC investment property mortgages now…

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