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investment loan products

Rental Home Investment Loan Products

investor loanResidential Investor Stated Income Loans

  • No Personal Tax Return Income Requirements
  • 2 Year BK Discharge OK (with rebuilt credit)
  • Partner Buyouts - OK
  • No W-2′s

Rental Home Financing unleashes a totally new lending platform and is now offering a loan program specifically tailored toward rental, income producing properties such as single family (1-4 units), condos, townhomes & multifamily apartments Nationwide.

Learn More about Stated Income Loans - CLICK HERE



multifamily loanMultifamily Blanket Mortgage Loans

  • NO Seasoning for cash out
  • NO Limits to amount of properties financed
  • Foreign National programs
  • LTVs up to 75%
  • 1.0 – 1.2x DSCR
  • Bridge loan financing available

Our multifamily and blanket loans are specifically geared toward income properties and professional investors on a Nationwide. Our underwriting guidelines are “make since” and we are aggressively lending in today’s market. To learn more about our Multifamily Blanket Mortgage Loans - CLICK HERE



 5 10 year profits5 & 10 Year Fixed Rate Loans

Special blanket loans are available with 5 & 10 year fixed rates.

Three or more rental doors on residential property.

To view the Lending Matrix for the 3 or more rental doors with 5 and 10 year loans, click here.



303030 Year Fixed Rate Loans

We are offering permanent financing for investors with at least 5 leases in most areas of the country with our innovative new programs geared toward the entrepreneur. We will review the cash flow of the properties and ensure they cover the annual debt service of >1.2.  This is a commercial term for cash flow.  Meaning we don’t really care about your personal tax returns.  To learn more about our 30 Year Fixed Rate Loans, CLICK HERE.



double businessSingle Property Loans

New for 2016 - Rental property investors can now use our "Single P Loan" to purchase, refinance or cash out individual rental properties one at a time.

Our new rental investor financing lending programs allows rental investors to build their portfolio 1 by 1. We Are YOUR Lending Partners From Your First Property to Your 100th. Click here to find out more on our Single Property Loans for Real Estate Investors.


bankingNon Performing Loan Financing

There has never been a competitive financing vehicle for investors that are looking into acquiring nonperforming notes from various lending institutions….Until now…

General Understanding of the type of terms we offer for this unique financing options that are backed by collateralized by groups of non-performing residential mortgage loans across most areas of the USA. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Non Performing Loan Financing.

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Double your real estate business.

Double Your Business

We understand rental home business is cash intensive. Many of today's investors who have been snapping up vacant homes from various institutions have now begun to reach the lending limits set forth either by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or local lending credit unions, banks, etc.

Our loan products enable you to switch your debt to a new debt instrument that enables you to free your credit lines, consolidate your mortgages and virtually double your business!

Better hurry before your competitors do!

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