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The Crucial Roles of a Property Manager

3 Important Roles of Your Property Manager

property managementA decision that a landlords faces: Should I hire a property manager? Before answering this question lets first find out what exactly is property management. You will also learn about other related terms like landlord lender, what is a good cap rate and much more.

Landlords have to manage their real estate properties, and it is the management that decides how efficiently their business runs. They have an option to hire external help – for instance, property managers. Even so, it is still important to learn what a good property management involves in order to effectively distinguish a bad property management team from a good one.

Let’s take a look at this question from a different viewpoint: What does good property management mean?

A good property management is a system that has three main features:

  • Charm & Confidence
  • Strength & Power
  • Knowledge & Skills

When you take a loan from landlord lender, you notice how well managed their teams are to boost lending. The same way you have to progress in order to make your portfolio a success.

Let’s find out more about these three features

Charm & Confidence

This features helps to foster the relationship between a landlord and a tenant by addressing concerns and resolving problem. This feature encompasses:

  • Sales & Marketing Knowledge: It is important for the property managers to garner potential tenants’ interests in order to rent out the properties. After capturing the interests, the property manager utilizes sales know how to compel the prospects to view the property.
  • Ability to Screen Tenants: Your property manager must be able to screens the right tenants by knowing how to read people. Think of it as a screening you undertook while selecting landlord lender.

Good Communication Skills: The role of a property manager is to maintain contact with landlords, tenants, lawyers, contractors and many more professionals.


This feature helps to keep all your rental properties intact.

  • Mechanical Skills: The property manager ensures the repair and maintenance needs of your property are met in a timely manner. Regular and proper upkeep also helps to improve the value of your investment properties.
  • Ability to collect rents: The strong and powerful feature of a property manager can help to collect rents under circumstances, where a tenant refuses to pay rent.

Knowledge & Skills

This features assists in managing the financial aspects of your investment properties.

  • Administrative Skills: Accurate documentation is needed.
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping & Finance Know How: Your property manager is responsible for keeping a tab on the incomes and expenses of your rental properties.

Final Words

By now you should know very well know what a good property management includes. After knowing what good property management means, whether you want to hire external help should occur naturally to you. You can get effective guidance from your landlord lender regarding the property management.

As a landlord, your primary goal is to grow your business. Once you have a property management team in place, you can focus on what more important – building your real estate portfolio.

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