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Streamlined Financing for Small Apartment Buildings using Stated Income

Streamlined Financing

Streamlined Financing for Small Apartment Buildings using Stated Income

Small apartment buildings and multifamily properties are currently offering up some of the best returns for investors. What financing options are there for investors seeking to add apartment buildings to their portfolios?

Small Balance Apartments

Smaller balance apartment buildings and multifamily properties are among the top property types for investors right now. After several years of giant funds chasing single family homes and larger commercial property deals in prime locations, smaller multi-unit properties can provide some of the most attractive deals for yields and growth.

In the past it hasn’t always been easy for real estate investors to find financing for small balance apartments. Lenders have preferred to put their capital into larger deals. Our new apartment building loan program changes that lender mentality with some of the most attractive rates offered in today’s market on a National level.

Financing for Small Balance Apartment Buildings

Our new small balance loan program is ideal for current apartment building owners, and those making new acquisitions.

Our new loan product can either be used to get cash out of a building that has been appreciating or following renovations and repositioning. That capital release can be used to expand into new opportunities. Or use it to make new acquisitions. Even on properties that are not yet stabilized, or on which sellers cannot provide great documentation.

These loans can be used on a variety of property types which are normally harder to finance as well, including:

  • Mixed-use properties – (Must be >60% Residential)
  • Senior housing
  • Military housing – (not more than 50% concentration)
  • Student housing
  • Properties with historic tax credits (HTC)

We even finance in smaller markets, outside of major metro centers, enabling investors to capitalize on some of the best-emerging markets, yields, and equity growth.

Expanded & Streamlined Apartment Building Loan Features

Our common-sense approach to underwriting and updated features allow for streamlined financing and the challenges investors have been facing in the current market.

Benefits include:

  • 30 year amortization payments
  • No tax returns needed
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Non-recourse
  • Low credit scores
  • Loans from $750,000 - $8,000,000
  • Up to 80% LTV

Contact us to talk to one of our apartment building loan specialists for a quote on your next loan today. Or if you are considering selling a multifamily property, make sure you tell your real estate agent and buyers about us, to ensure a fast and smooth closing. 


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