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New mortgage loans are rolling out for Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada income property investors.

We lend in most every state in the USA...

So how are these new investor property loans different, who are they for, and what advantages do they provide for those seizing on the opportunity?

In Demand Capital for Investors in Rebounding States

While NV, AZ, and FL were amongst the hardest hit states in the foreclosure crisis, they have also been the front runners in the rebound, joining strong economic states like Texas.

This makes them especially attractive from a lender’s perspective, as well as being strong markets for continued expansion by rental home investors.

Deep discounts, and a plethora of affordable homes in these states have seen properties scooped up in bulk, often for cash. Over the last 24 months many regions like Las Vegas, South Florida, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Dallas have seen incredible home price growth. With the average home flipped in these areas pocketing flippers an average of $50k to over $60k, those holding their acquisitions as rentals can expect their equity to have swelled equally, while collecting rent checks.

Many of these income property investors have large sums of capital currently tied up in these properties. Most are finding they could do even more, and really secure another level of financial success if they had additional working capital to expand portfolios ahead of the new boom in prices, rents and rates.

Unfortunately, until now, investor loans have been elusive, even for the borrower with great credit and little debt.

Fortunately the investment property lending landscape has changed dramatically since the recovery.

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New investor loan programs from Rental Home Financing offer mortgages specifically for buying residential properties to rent out. These loans which are a perfect match for investors in TX, NV, AZ and FL offer options for both refinancing to recapitalize, and making new acquisitions.

These loans are available for real estate investors with 5 or more rental homes, and that desire to restructure existing debt, obtain cash out, or to leverage working capital. Loan amounts are available from $500k to over $35M.

This can enable investors to strengthen and maximize performance of current portfolios, increase local market share, and even branch out into some of these other ripe states, and enjoy more diversification.

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