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Indiana New Building Property is Hot

Supply is Shrinking, Investor Profits Rising!

indianaThe rental housing in the Indiana real estate market market has been growing fast in the past 3 years. Real estate agents are selling homes now faster than ever seen. Our highly competitive rates, plus the improving job markets and recent expansion of flexible lending requirements for blanket mortgage loans has Indiana property the best since 2006.

The increase in Indiana home buying has led to a shrinking supply. This is leading to a robust market providing rental home investors the best accumulative values not seen since the last peak a decade ago.  New blanket loans for investors helps ensure the pace.

To keep up with the demand, we at Rental Home Financing are helping investors close sales on property faster than ever before. We are seeing property sales close within days, and sometimes within hours of posting the property listing for sale. Rental Home Financing is providing ongoing competitive interest rates for rental property in Indiana, financing rental home buyers and builders at a pace not seen since before the recession.

What Indiana counties are hot for property?

Ok, so the housing market in Indiana is hot, now you want to know what places are considered juiciest for buyers. The housing market throughout Hamilton County and the suburbs is hot, also quickly moving property can be found throughout Marion County, especially the growing upscale areas near Downtown.

Most real estate agents are telling us homes are unlikely to be built fast enough and with large enough supply to fill the demand. We see this trend continuing a strong market through 2017.

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