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10 Important Questions For Your Home Inspector

Here are 10 Questions that Your Home Inspector Should Answer

home inspectionA home inspector plays an important role in your buy-to-rent property purchase. Below are 10 important questions that you must ask a home inspector before hiring them:


1. What does your inspection cover?

The inspector should ensure that their inspection and inspection report will meet all your requirements and will comply with the code of ethics. You should be able to ask any questions and check if all the areas are inspected or not.

2. How long have you been practicing in the home inspection profession and how many inspections have you completed?

The inspector must be able to provide proper documents proving his or her ''Good'' history in the field. However, newer inspectors can be very qualified, but it is advised to partner a more experienced inspector for the home inspection job.


3. Are you specifically experienced in residential inspection?

There is no substitute for training and experience in home inspection practice. However, experience in construction or engineering can be a great help for you. You must know how much experience the inspector have in a particular field – residential or commercial.


4. Do you offer advice for necessary repairs or improvements after the inspection?

Some inspector association allows the inspectors to offer advice or undertake necessary repair work that are identified during the inspection. It would be great if your inspector does so as this will enhance the overall value of the property.


5. How long will the inspection take?

The average time taken for complete inspection is generally two or three hours for a typical single-family house. If you have a large building or property, you may need to call for additional inspectors to perform a thorough inspection.


6. How much will it cost?

The cost of the home inspection depends on various factors, including the region, size and age of the house, etc. A typical range might be $300-$500, but the home inspection value is also considered in terms of the investment being made.


7. What type of inspection report do you provide and how long will it take to receive the report?

You can ask to see the samples of the inspector's reporting style and decide whether you are able to understand it or not. Most inspectors provide their full inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection.


8. Will I be able to attend the inspection?

Participating in the inspection process will be a valuable educational opportunity for you and a good inspector will always allow you to do so. Make sure you grab the opportunity of seeing your prospective home through the eyes of an expert.


9. Do you maintain membership in a professional home inspector association?

There are many state and national associations for home inspectors. These associations require their members to comply with a comprehensive standard of practice and the code of ethics. You can request to see their membership ID.


10. Do you participate in continuing education programs to keep your expertise up to date?

Your inspector's commitment to developing his knowledge and education is a good measure of his/her professionalism and service to you. This is extremely important when a home is older or have some unique elements that require additional training or better knowledge.

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