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3 Reasons to Invest in the South Carolina Housing Market

south carolina real estate topSouth Carolina's warm climate, beautiful beaches and multitude of golf courses, has become the a retirement mecca of the mid-south. Rental home investors, retirees and second-home owners are in love with North Carolina's real estate affordability. 

South Carolina's population is over 4.7 million and rapidly growing, with the tenth-fastest population growth rate in the nation at nearly 4.375%.  Speaking of rates, our rates for South Carolina investment property are highly competitive, conact us today to learn more.

South Carolina has three profitable secrets for real estate. Consider a blanket loan from us when checking out South Carolina Investment properties, we also can help you get started with stated income loans. We are looking intensly at South Carolina as an investment property promised land. We think you will too.

Keep reading to discover what we think are the TOP 3 reasons to buy in South Carolina.

  1. 1. The shortage of rental properties available are encouraging higher rental prices. Although steady employment is rock solid, the of South Carolina residents do not have qualified incomes and credit to purchase a home. More well to do residents by majority in South Carolina seem not to be interested in owning a home. Rental investment properties look great for this year and beyond for for great profit margins on investments.

  2. 2. The average real estate listing for property in South Carolina usually stays active for at least 120 days before someone decides to purchase it. This keeps higher priced homes front and center in the listings and a huge treasure of homes waiting for a purchase if you would but look for them. Longer time while listed also provides more room for negotiation of a better price.

  3. 3. Foreclosure housing market is growing. Negative equity among South Carolina home owners is high, (nearly one and a half out of every ten homeowner are underwater on their mortgage). Investors are rushing in as this provides opportunities for inexpensive buys in the rental market and at a very good profit. Homes are being foreclosed at a rate of 6 per 1,000, compared to the national average of 3.5 per 1,000.

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