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Evaluating Investment Property Lenders

What to Look for in Investment Property Lenders to Grow Your Portfolio

Evaluating Investment Property LendersA lot of people say there’s money to be made in real estate, and those people are right on the money because there’s plenty of it in investment rental properties. With so much money to be made it’s tempting to jump right on into this exciting market, but it’s a good idea to slow down and make sure you know what to look for when evaluating investment property lenders first.


The Importance of Investment Property Financing

Without the financing to get it started, property investments never get off the ground. When looking for the best deal on financing, you should also look for a lender that you can work with long-term.

By working with investment property lenders in the long-term, you are building a relationship that will make financing other properties easier in the future.

Look for Lenders That Offer Stated Income Loans

One of the favorite financing options among experienced real-estate investors is stated income loans. With a stated income loan, you don’t have to report your tax returns to qualify.

Direct money lenders don’t answer to the same stingy policies that banks do. You can qualify for financing from a direct money lender much more easily than through a bank or credit union.

By removing your tax returns from the equation, you will be qualified mostly on your credit score. If you haven’t had any bankruptcies within the past 2 years and have a credit score of at least 600, stated income loans are for you.

Seek the Option for Self-Management

Another thing to seek in a lender is the option to retain self-management. For hands-on investors, self-management is important. If you have a particular way of running things or just want to be able to keep a closer eye on your business, self-management is a must.

Rental Home Financing offers the option for self-management as well as hiring out property managers as long as they have 2 years of experience.

While many investors will prefer the freedom to manage the properties, the more ambitious of you will likely wish to have them managed professionally. Once you’ve built up a nice portfolio full of rental-properties it’s easy to see that you can’t be there to oversee them all.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t check in on them. Even if you hire out the property’s everyday management, it’s always a good idea to pop-in and keep an eye on your investment from time to time. Doing this is a great way to catch structural problems before they get out of hand and see just how much the property manager has been missing.

Want to Build a Real-Estate Empire on Rental Properties? Check Out Lenders with Blanket Loans

When you ask a bank for over 10 mortgages on separate rental properties, you will receive an uncomfortable rejection and have lost hours of precious time. Being rejected by the bank doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Financing multiple rental properties at once is actually a great idea, that’s how real-estate empires are built!

The trick is to find a direct money lender offering blanket mortgages. Under a blanket loan, you won’t have the messiness of separate mortgages. Instead, you’ll have all the financing bundled in one loan with one monthly payment.

Consolidating the loans into one also results in lower payments. You’ll have less to keep track of and less to pay, making it easier to finance and run your income property investments like a true tycoon.

Advantages of Refinancing Rental Properties Under a Blanket Mortgage

You can benefit from blanket mortgages when you already own multiple rental properties as well, by refinancing them. By consolidating your properties with a blanket mortgage refinance, you’ll get much lower payments than what you’ve been doling out every month on each individual property loan.

Why You Should Finance Rental Properties as an LLC

When applying for financing for rental properties you should always do so as an LLC. Engaging in the rental business as a sole proprietorship is risky and foolish. As an LLC you are indemnified from almost all liability.

If aggrieved tenants try to sue you, the LLC structure will take the brunt of the damage rather than risking your personal assets. The same rule applies should neighbors sue for property damage caused by your tenants.

Another key advantage of being an LLC when managing rental properties is that if the investment fails, the company will lose money, leaving your personal savings intact.

The Importance of Your Credit Score with Direct Money Lenders

Your credit score is one of the most important factors in qualifying for financing when expanding your rental property portfolio. Now that you know how to take advantage of stated income loans, you can start financing multiple rental properties.

With your credit score being the most significant factor in financing rental properties to expand your portfolio, qualification is much easier with direct money lenders.

Give Your Property Investments a Fighting Chance, with Capital from Rental Home Financing

Trusted direct money lenders like Rental Home Financing have the capital to jumpstart your property investments. With fixed rates and the comfort of stated income as well as blanket and short-term vacation rental loans, the money you need is only a few pen-strokes away.

Get on the phone with Rental Home Financing and kind the right options for you!

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