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Funding Real Estate Investments: Crowdfunding vs. Rental Property Loans

Best real estate investment financing options.

Which is the best option for financing real estate investments today; crowdfunding or rental property loans? Or can the two better be used together for superior returns?


Crowdfunding continues to be a hot buzzing topic. The adoption of crowdfunding by major brands, and emergence of new real estate specific crowdfunding platforms, along with masses of press coverage has made this form of fundraising even more popular.


Crowdfunding can be a great way to finance all types of things from honeymoons to new business startups to acquiring portfolios of single family rental properties. It doesn’t require putting personal credit on the line, can help spread risk, and promises to be a fun adventure.


However, crowdfunding can be far more intensive and expensive than most realize. Media stories of new startups landing millions via crowdfunding make it sound like a guaranteed path to overnight success and easy money.


What the media often fails to tell is that these ‘overnight’ successes are often the result of months of planning, and the culmination of thousands of dollars in marketing and the work of international specialist teams of marketers. Even the most popular crowdfunding platforms openly admit that their success rates are barely around 50%.

So how do rental property loans compare?

Taking rental home financing instead means far better odds of success, minutes instead of months trying to raise money, and the ability to retain control versus sharing it, and taking on the responsibility to other partners and investors.


New blanket mortgage options from have transformed the financing landscape making it far more cost effective and efficient to borrow to acquire portfolios of single family homes.


However, innovative real estate investors could combine both of these leverage options together to enjoy the best of both worlds. Aggressive investment property lenders are willing to allow creative deal structuring. So for example; an investor could secure very attractive base financing at a lower LTV in a long term mortgage loan, and then compliment the project with the media buzz, risk sharing, and support real estate crowdfunding can provide, while gaining more liquidity for improvements or marketing a new development.

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