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Investment Property Loan Financing – Streamlined Loans Using a Nonbank Lender

Investment Property Loan FinancingDid you know that there are roughly 17 million rental properties on the market right now? Nearly 40% of the folks in the USA are renting properties in 2019. The rental forecast is predicted to be even larger as the year matures.

That’s 17 million opportunities to substantially add to your monthly income, to diversify your portfolio, and to build equity so it will be easier to continue doing both.

Of course, in order to do so, you need to find a property and then partner with a lender that is an expert in providing investment property loan financing.

Unfortunately, it is often much harder to secure this financing than most investors anticipate, especially once they begin building their portfolios out past a certain point.


That’s when you need to turn to nonbank lenders. Rental Home Financing is a non-bank lender ready to help you grow your rental portfolio. We don’t require any personal income documents such as tax returns, NO W2’s, NO personal debt to income ratios. – We rely on the property, and a credit worth borrower, to demonstrate ability to repay the loan.

Why Nontraditional Lenders Become Necessary for Investment Property Loans Financing

As you probably know, most people turn to traditional lenders when they initially need a mortgage to purchase their first homes.

Then, if they decide to purchase another home to use as a rental property, they return to that lender for a second mortgage.

That may be ideal for many investors, but traditional lenders simply aren’t a realistic option for those who want to build large portfolios of multiple investment properties, or are self employed, or are not able to provide business or personal tax returns.

Eventually, they’ll reach a limit, past which it is nearly impossible to qualify for loans.

Here’s Fannie Mae’s actual guidelines about how many properties they’ll finance for a single borrower (including some information about their requirements):

“If the borrower is financing a second home or investment property that is underwritten through DU, the maximum number of financed properties the borrower can have is ten. If the borrower will have one to six financed properties, Fannie Mae’s standard eligibility policies apply (for example, LTV ratios and minimum credit scores). If the borrower will have seven to ten financed properties, the mortgage loan must have a minimum representative credit score of 720; all other standard eligibility policies apply.”

So, at best, an investor can only count on FNMA for 10 properties. Even then, they’ll need to hold a 720 credit rating in order to do so, which can be nearly impossible for those amassing a large portfolio of rental homes.

This is why nontraditional lenders have become a necessity for investment property loans financing past a certain point.

What Are Nonbank Lenders?

Though many people may not be familiar with them, nonbank lenders are actually nothing new.

One of the most common examples is auto companies. For decades, they provided their customers with loans, so they could use that money purchase to turn around and purchase their vehicles. A number of retail companies offer similar programs.

You may have heard of nonbank lenders referred to by a number of different names. Some of the most common versions are:

  • Private Money/Equity Lenders
  • Nonbank Lenders
  • Non-QM Lenders
  • Stated Income Lenders

Whatever you call them, according to the Washington Post, “The mortgage market is now dominated by nonbank lenders.”

While this may be for many reasons, one is simply that investors want the freedom to buy as many homes as they can afford. These nonbank lenders offer the only form of investment property loans financing that allow them to do so.

Why Our Investment Property Loans Financing Is Different

At Rental Home Financing, we’ve worked hard to stand out from the crowd. So, while you have many options for your investment property loans financing needs, we hope you’ll consider what we bring to the table.

After all, there’s a reason that, since 2014, we’ve financed almost $500,000,000 worth of rental properties all over the country.

For one thing, we don’t look at your income. No income-to-debt ratios are ever used to determine your eligibility for a loan or how much you can receive. You also don’t have to dig up your tax returns for our review.

Instead, we are asset-based lenders, meaning we really only care about the property in question. As we know you will be using it for investment purposes, our only concern is merely confirming that the house will be able to provide sufficient cash flow and returns so you’re able to pay us back.

Other than that, we’ll review the property to assess the size of the loan being requested and check to see if the LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio meets our threshold for the particular type of loan for which you’re applying.

You’ll also enjoy a dramatic reduction in the paperwork typically involved with the loan application process. Our company doesn’t have to navigate the same kind of bureaucratic red tape that banks do.

Our many loan options include everything from nonrecourse versions to those with 30-year amortizations. We offer a variety of term options for a variety of property types outlined below.

Here is a list of the various loan types we offer:

  • Multifamily Lending
  • 5-to-30 Year Fixed Rates
  • Single Property Loans (30/30)
  • 30-Year Program
  • No DSCR Ratio
  • Stated Commercial Investors
  • Short-Term Rental Mortgage

There’s a lot of room for customization among all of them, too.

Most importantly, our sole focus is on serving clients who want to invest in multiple properties. With our blanket loans, you can even consolidate all of your monthly mortgage payments into just one.

We Offer Refinancing Services

Down the line, if you ever consider refinancing any of your mortgages, come back and we’ll help you with that, as well. Our company loves forming these kinds of long-term relationships with clients.

Need Investment Property Loans Financing Right Away?

Are you ready to expand your real estate portfolio? Would you like to work with a nontraditional lender, one with a proven track record of helping investors just like yourself? Do you want to team up with a nontraditional lender who can continue helping you build your investment property portfolio, year-after-year? If so, Rental Home Financing is here to help. Our company offers a wide range of investment property loans financing options.

Again, as a nontraditional lender, we don’t conduct personal income verifications. There are absolutely no limits on the amount of properties we’ll finance, either.  And, despite all of this, we can get you to closing within two-to-four weeks.

If you’re serious about amassing a large portfolio of investment properties, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and let’s discuss your portfolio’s future.

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