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New Loan Opportunities for Rental Property Investments

New income loan opportunities for rental propertyWe know the previous limits in lending and are here to provide options not previously available to the investment loan markets. We want you to be able to take advantage of today’s rental investment opportunities so we looked at the challenges and are providing new solutions for your success. 

Rental Home Financing unleashes a totally new lending platform and is now offering a loan program specifically tailored toward rental, income producing properties such as single family (1-4 units), condos, townhomes & multifamily apartments Nationwide.

We are providing rental property Loan Solutions for:

  • Difficulty with new property financing based on your LLC
  • Constraints when you want more rental property but already have 10 or more Fannie or Freddie loans.
  • Challenges trying to buy more real estate using your retirement account as leverage.
  • Foreign investors find it difficult to qualify for U.S. financing.

Our Solutions for your Investment Loan Success.

Blanket Loans

Blanket loans are loans that covers multiple properties at once. We can now provide blanket loans for rental property because hedge funds managers bought thousands of homes back when prices were low. Once those homes were turned into rental property, the portfolios now provide you with opportunities not available before.

30/30 Year Fixed Rate Blanket Loan!

  • 30 Year-Fixed Rate/amortization
  • Sell property at any time
  • Non US citizenship Ok
  • 75% of as is value
  • Unlimited Cash Out
  • $300,000+ Loan Size
  • 6.5 – 7.5% fixed rates
  • 620 minimum credit

5/30 – 10/30 – Fixed Rate Blanket Loan!

  • Loan Sizes $300,000+
  • Non US citizenship OK
  • 75% LTV - LTC max
  • Unlimited cash out
  • 5 – 10 year fixed rates
  • 30 year amortization
  • 5.25- 6.50% fixed rates
  • 620 min FICO

Rental Purchases “One at a Time Loans”

New for 2016 - Rental property investors can now use our "Single P Loan" to purchase, refinance or cash out individual rental properties one at a time.

Our new rental investor financing lending programs allows rental investors to build their portfolio 1 by 1.

Both newly formed investors and truly seasoned rental real estate professional are now able to use our Single P loan program. Professional Landlords will appreciate the streamlined application process, the first time property owners, on the flip side, should use our online resources available to assist those looking to make their own mark into rental property investing.

  • Competitive Rates without the bank hassles
  • No Personal Income DTI Calculations, Tax Forms or W-2s required
  • No unnecessary bank paperwork
  • Common since underwriting
  • Fund into your LLC
  • 30-45 day closing

Non-Recourse Financing = Financing Your LLC:

Conventional lenders will not lend to LLC’s, we are here to help. Non -recourse financing means you are safe in case of a deficiency in cause of default. In other words, if you miss payments, we can take the collateral property but your personal property is safe if the collateral does not cover the full amount owed. A non-recourse loan gives your LLC the power to obtain financing with asset protection and anonymity.

Up to 70% LTV - Non-Recourse - $500,000+

Stated Income Loans - Asset & Income Based Lending

Rental Home Financing offers commercial stated income mortgage loans. What is a Residential Investor Stated Income Loan considered to be in 2016? Bottom line, stated income loans means fast, easy, approval and closing.

  • No Personal Tax Return Income Requirements
  • 2 Year BK Discharge OK (with rebuilt credit)
  • Partner Buyouts - OK
  • No W-2′s

We lend on the verified lease income cash flow and LTV of the rental properties not the personal income of the sponsor.  We do require re-established credit and a preferred minimum 630 FICO score.  Our stated investor requirements can be flexible as we are aggressively pricing real estate transaction across the United States.

Explore Income Opportunities

Expand the horizons of your portfolio or start up a rental income business, call us today - 1-888-375-7977 - for a free phone consolation or apply now to start the process.

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