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Startup Investors Don't Fear Rates for Vacation Rental Purchases

Entrepreneur's interest surge in rental vacation home investments! 

Don't Fear Rates for Vacation Rental Purchases

Rental Vacation Home Market is Surging

There is a huge surge in the young entrepreneur's interest in rental vacation home investments. These STR businesses (short-term rental) market players regardless of the rates want rental vacation homes as investments. Why is it that startup investors don't fear rates for vacation rental purchases? Why is there an entrepreneur's interest surge in rental vacation home investments?

People want investment property for long term results. However, they are seeking investment property loans but don't know where to start with their rental income cash flow idea.  Real estate investing lately involves hard money lenders, not conventional loans and entrepreneurs are finding out about this cash flow loan! Secrets are being exposed on youtube. Don't fear fates for vacation rental purchases.

New real estate investors have found that locating the right investment property loans are not as easy as interest rates climb but other real estate investors are finding investment property monthly mortgages to make monthly payments for rental income taking advantage of hard money lenders. 

Investment Property Secret is Out - Startup Investors Don't Fear Rates

Monthly rental income as a real estate investor can get you into an investment property loan from a mortgage lender using the right hard money loans. Investment properties can still raise cash flow even starting with a higher interest rate the rental income still covers the monthly mortgage payments on real estate investment property. If you have your down payments, your credit score is not an issue for more money. Vacation rentals pay for the monthly payments and are the perfect place to stay while on vacation yourself.

The elite investor's secrets are getting out of the bag and people are getting in as fast as they can. This is expected to be another record year for the US real estate market. It's being leaked on YouTube, if you want to know how the system works, keep reading.

Overview Summary:

  • Cash flow overrides fear

Short-term vacation rental property investments provide higher cash flow that gives confidence to investors.

  • Security for Real Estate Investors

DSCR no ratio loans provide added security in the real estate investor's game plan.

  • Concepts that Prevent Fear with Startup Investors

Vacation rental markets online provide higher occupancy rates giving investors confidence with better cash flow.

  • Investor Secrets Provide Fast Entrance into the Vacation Rental Market.

New loans avoid W2 issues and credit scores below 700.

  • Why You Should Not Delay Investments

Easy-to-qualify loans now available are disqualifying investor fears.

  • Increased Excitement from Investors

Income from short-term vacation rentals covers the mortgage in a booming market

  • Investment Education

Sources for investors to sharpen their investment skills exist online in various group settings.

  • Investment Loan Types

Topics covered explain Asset Based Loans, No Ratio Loans, Investment Property Loans, and Stated Income Loans.


Startup Investors Don't Fear Rates

Vacation rental property can be had as investment property making you rental income cash flow; just find the right real estate investment property (or investment properties) and contact us today. We can discuss any concerns you may have with your monthly mortgage payments, your rental property, other investment property, and other investment property loans so we can best improve the cash flow for your investment portfolio. The startup investors just are not fearing the interest rates.

Security Against Real Estate Investor Games that Seems Rigged

You have the down payment, are not worried about the interest rate or payment money, you poked around for funding with a VA loan, credit union, your local bank, or conventional loan, and you meet the down payment requirements and could even make a larger down payment, but you get rejected. The rocket mortgage company does not care about your VA loan qualifications, your credit score is too low, history of down payments past Fannie MAE or other cash flows is not enough. Everyone is telling you you need better credit but you need credit to get it. There is a way around this with DSCR no ratio loans.

What is driving this concept that startup investors don't fear rates?

Hardworking individuals are tired of the economy and want a stable income they can rely on. Once you start to look around for ways to make money you will see YouTube videos are ablaze with how to make fortunes in the vacation home rental markets like Airbnb and Vbro. They have discovered a type of financing called "hard money lenders" like, experts at vacation rental investments with loan products to help the average everyday person with average to low credit to invest like a millionaire. The secret is out.

Investment Property Loan Secrets

They are learning how to turn living spaces into money-making machines using special loans used by big investors you were never taught about in school. Some of these big investors aren't even using their own credit score because they have personal W2 issues and credit scores of sub 660! In this article, we are going to show you how it's done and spill all the beans about special mortgages. So why wait for better rates when you can get in now as a startup investor don't fear rates. 

Why Don't You Have Investment Properties?

If you have the down payment, worked out what rental properties you want, and have a credit score of at least 660, what is stopping you is not knowing you are not excluded. The loans are available, you just weren't told about them or how to use these rental home financing loans, we are about to tell you how to get into the STR (short term rental) business. Remember, "Startup Investors Don't Fear Rates".

Increased Rates Excite Investor Opportunities

The interest rates may have increased, causing some investors to be afraid to invest. However, there are lending products available that have less documentation and easier credit requirements. This means that more people will be able to get loans with fewer hassles and fewer requirements. They have the income to cover the mortgage in a booming market, so the startup investors are not fearing rates.

Real Estate Investors Worried? Startup Investors Don't Fear Rates

People are worried about a housing crash but new investors are excited despite the high rates. They are thinking like stockbrokers, buy something low that pays dividends and sell high. The secret is out, as house prices fall, millionaires will be made. The age of conventional loans is over. People are slapping a down payment on a monthly rental income home, even if it means a higher down payment finishing the closing costs. Startup investors don't fear rates when thinking long term knowing they are about to increase daily profits.

Leverage for Investors who don't fear rates for vacation rental purchases!

In order to take full advantage of the opportunities, investors need leverage. Starting out doing rental arbitrage is fine but that will only get you so far on personal credit. Eventually, you will want to expand and actually own the property. That is where we come into the picture. We have the loans you need to leverage your investments like a pro. You can use the income of the property to qualify for the loan instead of worrying the fear of interest rates about your personal credit.

Investment Education for Startup Investors

Another form of leverage is education and it's the best investment you can make. Does not matter if you are an "expert" in real estate investing or just getting started, the market is always changing and you will learn from others. Get out there and network with other people, or at least listen to their concerns and successes so you have some more options. Learn more about why startup investors don't fear rates.

Facebook Communities

Facebook is full of real estate groups that are well moderated where you can learn, buy, and sell in this market. Network with those looking for what you are offering. Learn from the mistakes people post about and take advantage of tips when given. It's a huge resource to grow your knowledge, contacts, and portfolio.


YouTube is also starting to catch fire in the industry with channels covering everything from beginner to super-advanced portfolio management. Always consult your financial expert but at least make sure you are able to take advantage of the latest tools in the market. 

People are learning how to take advantage of our loan programs by setting up an LLC and letting the property speak for itself to qualify for the loan. You may need a few other tricks of the trade but the secrets are being released.

YouTube Channel Exposes Short-Term Rental Profits!
A great example is the
Bigger Pockets youtube channel called Real Estate Rookie. If you are new and want to get started, we suggest their "Beginner Real Estate Investing" playlist.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Don't think of this as your home as many real estate investors do, find a real estate agent who believes in your mission for rental income from rental property and let your real estate business from the short-term rental property be the focus. Be upfront about what you are wanting to do, some agents prefer to work with homeowners instead of investors, for some it's just a matter of experience. Let your real estate investing intentions be made clear that you are looking for something to turn into a rental property. If they are not interested in your rental income find another agent.

There is more to investing than looking into an FHA loan and getting a down payment on an investment property loan to get a good rental income going. Your rental income will depend upon your real estate investing skills to ensure your investment property real estate has the best cash flow possible. A good real estate agent will know the area average monthly rental income for a property in a primarily residential area.

A good agent should be able to quickly help you find the right investment property, work out property taxes, understand loan products, and be ready to help you make the home purchase you want for vacation homes no matter the use of the property. If you want financial freedom, find an agent who wants to protect your cash reserves. They should know the housing market and the rental property's potential tenants of the property. A vacation home to keep your pay stubs rolling in with more money should be their interest.

Find a Property Management Company

You don't need to use one at first but you should be shopping around for a property management company to take care of your operating expenses for the property. Especially if you are considering a loan application for apartment complexes, the property will need to be kept up and your tenant's payment requirements met.

You can have a high credit score, (good credit), good financing options, and nice commercial properties but if you don't keep up with the property operating expenses there will be some large lump sum of monies going out for repairs you didn't plan on. A rental property management company can do most or all of that for you, including taking care of your property taxes unless you of course have a good accountant taking care of your cash reserves.

Convert a House into a Vacation Rental

Basically, the short-term rental market is made up of two types of loans for an investment property we can help you with. The investment property loans you want for your investment properties are "Stated income loans" and "asset-based/no ratio loans". They work best for rental income vacation rentals and you are about to learn about them if you keep reading. Startup investors don't fear rates, especially if you already own a home because you can turn it into short-term rental income.

Investment Property Loans

Stated Income Loans

Stated income loans are good for people who want to invest in real estate but have a hard time proving their income as an investment property. You can come up with the down payment but finding the right investment property loan is not so easy for most. You can use the income of the property you are purchasing to qualify for the loan, not your personal income. If you need a loan quickly, or if you have lost your tax returns, or if you are not from the United States, we may be able to help. We can help you borrow money quickly and easily so that you can close your deals confidently.

Asset Based Loans and No Ratio Loans

Find the goldmine! Income properties have not been doing as well as they could. They could provide more income and be worth more if they were repositioned better. This is sometimes done on a fix & flip or fix for short-term rentals. Usually if kept is refinanced with home equity loans.

No ratio loans mean neither the borrower nor the investment property has to qualify with income documentation. There are no DTI or DSCR limitations. Loans are based on asset value and easy down payment.

Overlooked Short-Term Rental Markets

  • Many great investment properties don't have a track record of providing income. Some income investment properties have been run without any records being kept. Do the math on the investment property, see what changes could be made to make it more profitable and if the math works out then you got a winning investment property.
  • Buying a house that is not a vacation rental yet. Something being sold as a non-commercial, ie non-profit making investment property can be purchased cheaper than the one already making income. These are overlooked opportunities being taken advantage of now by the short-term rental market.
  • There are non-performing properties that may need major renovations to put them in rentable condition. This is the perfect construction worker's first investment property. Your skills alone will save you a fortune on the property and create much higher equity value.

Investment Property Loan Requirements

Easy Qualifying Investment Loans

  • No tax returns
  • No 4506s
  • Sub 660 credit scores OK
  • Interest Rates Competitive
  • Past bankruptcy OK
  • Past foreclosure OK
  • LTVs up to 75%

Investment Loan Purposes

These stated income and no ratio loans can be used for:

  • Single-family homes – (1-4 units)
  • Multifamily properties
  • Apartment buildings
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Vacation rental homes
  • New acquisitions
  • Cash-out refinances

Learn More About Vacation Rental Loans

Your Investment Property Loans

When you are ready for an investment loan, is here for you as a hard money lender. The interest rate will be competitive, down payment is simple, so let's get your monthly rental income rolling in today. If you want an investment property, we have investment property loans and you can apply for your mortgage online.

Call today to speak with a loan officer about multifamily property loan options and fixed-rate mortgages. We have a variety of loans available that make it easy to get the financing you need to close your deals. We have stated income loans for those worried about your credit score and no ratio loans that are perfect for investors who need to close fast or who want less hassle.



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