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Can you use potential rental income to qualify for a mortgage?

potential rental income for mortgageYes, we can help you get a rental income mortgage for rental property.

A rental income mortgage based on potential rental income for mortgage deals are available. We help you use potential rental income to help you get approved for an investment property without using your debt to income ratio from your W2. You don't need to worry about qualifying income to get into the rental property cash flow business.

This is not for a primary residence, the subject property will be considered commercial property owned through our no ratio DSCR loan (debt to income ratio).

How does future rental income to qualify work?

Future rental income represents the total value of rent income for an apartment building or single property rental home at competitive market rates. This means the property does not need to be occupied with renters at the time of purchase.

When considering rental property, as mortgage lenders we consider the future rental income of the investment properties. The predicted rental income is calculated as the monthly gross income, yes, this is how we have the rental income calculated. Future rental income and projected rental income instead of the actual rental real estate income.

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Can rental income offset against mortgage?

How much income a property could generate if it were rented out can be used as part of the qualifying criteria for a mortgage. This is because, in the eyes of a mortgage lender, rental income is just as stable as employment income.

In order to use rental income to offset against a mortgage, most lenders will require that the property be owner-occupied, we don't! It's a great start for your first short term vacation rental financing.

This means that the borrower lives in the property as their primary residence but in a rental unit property, or even multi unit property such as four unit properties like a four-plex financing, or even an entire apartment building loan, but it is not the borrower's principal residence.

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Can you use projected rental income for FHA?

FHA permits the lender to utilize the projected future rent to help qualify. An appraisal proving fair market rent is required. An appraiser is required to file Fannie Mae forms to ensure the process of your future rental income investment property can meet the mortgage payment.

As long as you can meet the minimum down payment and can meet the mortgage payment from the rental properties, the future rental can still be used to set the terms of the mortgage payment.

Calculate Qualifying Rental Income

The calculation of qualifying rental income depends on the type of property being purchased. If you are buying a single-family home, you will need to provide evidence that the property can generate enough rental income to cover the mortgage payments. This usually means finding comparable properties in the area that are rented out for a similar price.

If you are buying a multi-family property, the calculation is usually based on the possible rental income of the entire property. This means that you will need to provide an estimate of how much rent you could charge for each unit in the property.

In both cases, the lender will typically require that you have a minimum amount of cash available to cover the down payment and any unforeseen expenses. To get the best mortgage lenders on your side call us today for a free consultation. 888-375-7977

Short Term Rental Properties - Faster Rental Income to Qualify

Rental properties, especially short-term rentals are booming, the profitability for short-term rentals means you qualify for a rental property loan based on the rental property income. The rental income to qualify for a no ratio DSCR loan for rental property allows you to qualify faster.

Rental Income to Qualify Subject Property

Qualifying a subject property for a rental income mortgage can be a great way to buy an investment property without using your debt to income ratio from your W2 tax returns. We don't care about your personal tax returns. By using rental income to qualify it can give you a more flexible monthly mortgage payment by claiming rental income as part of the debt to income ratio.

When you calculate rental income investment property with the gross monthly income from a short term rental property, the predicted rental income is higher so we can get you more rental properties.

For more information on how to get started with a rental income mortgage for your investment properties, please contact us888-375-7977

What is a good ROI for rental property?

For rental property, ideally, you will want to set your rental investment property ROI at a minimum of 5%, because it means you will earn a higher yield than the typical retirement account. Rents are generally about 5% to 10%. If you can find a property for less than the median price and rent it out for more, you're in good shape.

Can I use Business Rental Income for qualifying rental income?

The answer is usually yes, as long as the units are rentable, you may qualify for a rental real estate income loan for investment properties. The same principle applies to the standard rental property, it's rental income.

The rental income to qualify is not just based on the current rental income calculated. We see rental property income as the way to determine the rental property mortgage by examining the projected rental income as well.

We are focused on the borrower's cash flow of the monthly rent, the rental value of the commercial property rental units is what determines the mortgage process in determining the full mortgage payment.

Please contact us for more information on how to use business rental income to qualify for a mortgage.  888-375-7977

How can I get started with renting my house?

There are a few things to consider before you start renting out your house:

1. Decide if you want to be a hands-off or hands-on landlord.

2. Research the fair market rent prices in your area.

3. Consider if you want a long-term or short-term rental agreement.

4. Choose your tenants carefully by doing background and credit checks.

5. Draw up a legally binding lease agreement.

6. Be prepared for repairs and maintenance issues.

7. Consider buying rental insurance.


Rental income mortgage based on potential rental income for mortgage deals are available! CALL TODAY  888-375-7977

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