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CT Homes, Investment Property Loans and Real Estate Statistics

CT Homes, Loans and Real Estate Investment

Connecticut remains the highest paid state in the nation, yet has some of the most undervalued real estate in the country. So where are the deals on CT homes and apartment buildings, and what new rental home financing programs are fueling new investment in the state?


CT is the 3rd smallest, yet 4th most densely populated state in the US. Three of its counties are statistically included the NYC combined statistical area. New Haven County is pegged as the center of the population, while Fairfield County is regarded as a historical stronghold for financial services and hedge funds.

The US Census reports Connecticut has the highest per-capita income, highest median household income, and as of 2010, the highest Human Development Index rating. A PMI study shows CT had the 3rd highest number of millionaires of any state as of 2013, though has the 2nd largest gap between high and low income earners.

CT Real Estate Stats & Facts

  • Single family homes sales rose 3.7% year over year to Sept. 2014 (CT Realtors)
  • Median single family home prices in Connecticut hit $249,000 in September 2014
  • Dollar volume of sales rose 11.75%in Hartford as of Q3 2014 (GHAR)
  • Average days on market in Hartford stood at 76 days in 9/2014
  • 23% of CT’s population is 18 years old or younger, yet the Economic Digest predicts great job growth with a 38.1% increase in personal care aid jobs by 2022
  • Trulia reports New Haven and Fairfield County as 2 of the most undervalued metros for home prices in the US.

CT Investment Property Mortgage Loans

While Connecticut remains a wealthy, cash rich market, new investment property loans are providing attractive leverage for single and multi-family investment properties.

New mortgage programs from Rental Home Financing are enabling investors to both purchase and refinance investment property with low rate long term loans.

Blanket mortgage loans are available for those refinancing and acquiring portfolios of single family homes in CT. While increased efficiency is providing great terms on multifamily mortgage loans for apartment buildings.

Check out new loan options for foreign nationals, non-recourse loans, and income properties in CT.

CT Real Estate Resources

Landlord & Real Estate Law in Connecticut:


Investment Real Estate for sale by the State of Connecticut

Government owned Multi Family Housing may be for sale by the USDA-RD and USDA-FSA.
To see if there are any RD/FSA rental properties for sale in DC, CLICK HERE

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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