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Utah - Investment Rental Real Estate in Winter Wonderland

Utah - number one in "Best States For Business"!

forests. Located at the convergence of three regions: the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau, Utah continues to draw v isitors and residents alike

Second fastest-growing population

In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that Utah had the second fastest-growing population of any state. St. George was the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States from 2000 to 2005. Utah also has the 14th highest median average income and the least income inequality of any U.S. state. A recent national Gallup survey showed Utah to be chosen the "best state to live in" based on 13 factors including variok us economic, lifestyle, and health-related outlooks.

Winter Wonderland

Utah has had quite a bit of increased in popularity and interest in the past recent years.  Skiing and the luxurious ski resorts of Utah have become world-famous. The dry, powdery snow of the  is considered some of the best skiing in the world (the state license plate claims "the Greatest Snow on Earth"). The snow life is so popular it became the home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The Olympics gave rise to the re-construction of the freeway system around Salt Lake Valley and a brand new light-rail system.


Many areas of Utah are continuing to see new construction growth. Northern Davis, southern and western Salt Lake, Summit, eastern Tooele, Utah, Wasatch, and Washington counties are all growing very quickly.

Best States For Business

In 2014, Utah was ranked number one in Forbes' list of "Best States For Business". A November 2010 article in Newsweek magazine called Salt Lake City area's economic outlook "the new economic Zion" brining in high-paying jobs and attracting high-tech corporations. As of September 2014, the state's unemployment rate was a low 4.375%. In terms of "small business friendliness", in 2014 Utah emerged as number one, based on a study drawing upon data from over 12,000 small business owners..

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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