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Going Big: Texas Residential Rental Property, Mortgages:

Texas has a reputation for going big

So is the SW real estate market keeping up, and what trends are helping TX income property investors capitalize on opportunities? According to Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, population trends show that more people are moving from rural areas to urban/suburban areas. (See TX State Demographics Site.) This means more multi tennant occupancy per multi tennant property in urban/surban areas, which means more profit from your investment property!

Texas isn’t Just for Cowboys

Just how big is TX? According to Wikipedia, Texas has a Gross State Product that is the 2nd largest in the nation, and on par with the entire countries of Canada and India.

The Lone Star State may be famous for oil, but also leads in many other areas of agriculture and mining. No state income tax, and a business friendly government earned the state the title of “most business friendly state in the nation.”

Texas is home to the highest number of Fortune 500 companies (tied with California), and had the 2nd largest concentration of millionaires as of 2010.

TX continues to be a leader in employment and job creation, with homeowner protections for preserving home equity. This has enabled the state to escape much of the crisis which weathered the rest of the nation.

Austin, TX

According to the Austin Board of Realtors:

  • The Greater Austin area has experienced a dramatic up turn since January 2014
  • Single family home prices rose to a median of $249,600 in June 2014
  • Single family home sales rose 3.6% month over month to June 2014

Dallas, TX

North Texas Real Estate Information Systems reports:

  • 8,073 existing single family homes sold in June 2014
  • Condo sales and prices decreased slightly in 2014, by less than 1%
  • Month over month to June 2014 single family home prices rose 5.6%

Houston, TX

The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) says:

  • June existing single family home sales rose to 7,346
  • Median single family home prices rose to $215,000 by mid-2014
  • Condo values rose 3% from May to June 201

Texas Rental Property Values

The city of Houston has the largest real estate market in Texas while Fort Worth has the least expensive property and the most luxurious properties are concentrated in Austin.

TX Rental Property Mortgages

Texas real estate is highly attractive to rental property investors for affordability, sustainability, room for growth, and strong economic fundamentals. This has made the state a popular one for new home builders, but also presents great opportunity for real estate investors seeking to build up significant portfolios of single family rental homes.

Those ready to go big in Texas real estate will find new rental property mortgages from ideal for obtaining efficient leverage for bulk buying of rental homes.

State of Texas Real Estate Resources:

Landlord & Real Estate Law in Texas:

Texas Citizen's Guide to Property Tax:

Real Estate & Professional Licensing:

Texas Real Estate Commission
Stephen F. Austin Building
1700 N. Congress Ave., Suite 400
Austin, TX 78701

Telephone: (512) 936-3000

Texas Investment Real Estate for Sale by the Government

Texas multi family housing may be available for purchase from Texas Department of Administrative Services General Services Division. The state of Texas, through the Texas Department of Administration, is in the process of disposing of certain real property; subject to all existing legal rights-of-way, easements, conditions and restrictions of record.

County-owned Surplus Real Estate in Texas


Government owned Multi Family Housing may be for sale by the USDA-RD and USDA-FSA.

To see if there are any RD/FSA rental properties for sale in Texas,CLICK HERE

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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