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Illinois Real Estate & Investment Property Loans

Illinois opportunities in real estate investments

IL remains a real estate power house. While often overlooked by US real estate investors, the Land of Lincoln is home to many celebrities, and is a popular haven for international investors.

A new IL real estate rebound appears to be creating incredible opportunity for global property investors, with new buy to rent mortgage loans fueling growth…


Several US presidents have been elected from Illinois including Lincoln, Reagan and Obama. It is a state with a strong backbone in agriculture, manufacturing, and financial services. It is a state huge on sports, and which often carries an infamous reputation for corruption.

Chicago is the most well-known city in IL, and the 3rd most populous city in the United States.

According to Wikipedia Illinois’ 5 Largest Cities:

  • Chicago
  • Aurora
  • Rockford
  • Joilet
  • Naperville

IL Real Estate

Illinois offers an incredibly diverse real estate market ranging from rural properties to grand celebrity estates, to high rise towers including a new Donald Trump condo development.

Overseas investors see Chicago in particular as a reliable world city for preserving wealth and earning yields. The sports industry which makes the city home to many athletes also helps to prop up prices with an elite group of real estate buyers and owners. The state was a little late to the current housing rebound party, but this suggests it may offer more value an opportunity for those looking for income investment properties from late 2014 forward.

Illinois Realtors have celebrated several legislative wins recently, as they fight to improve regulation for protecting consumers and fueling a new boom.

Among issues being contented are new legislation limiting the amount condo buyers have to bring to the closing table. This has reportedly been an issue for buyers of foreclosed condos that have often been surprised at closing in having to bring many months of condo dues to seal the deal.

While there is plenty of opportunity in the lower end distressed market the Chicago Housing Authority recently found itself in hot water for stashing hundreds of millions in federal reserve funds whole low income earners remain desperate for housing. On the plus side the CHA has been issuing ‘supervouchers’; guaranteeing subsidized rent in high priced Chicago real estate areas for as much as $3,000 per month.

Housing Stats from the Illinois Association of Realtors:

  • Home sales volume was up by 4.3% as of May 2014
  • Distressed sales plummeted in June 2014 to just 18.7% of transactions
  • Single family home inventory has just a 4.4 month supply
  • Days on Market are down more than 50% in Chicago
  • Median home price rose 8.3% yoy in May 2014

Investor Financing for IL Real Estate

Those seeking to take advantage of IL, and Chicago’s rebounding property market will now find plenty of capital at their disposal via investment property loans from Rental Home Financing.

Rental Home Financing’s new buy to rent mortgage loans provide virtually unlimited capital for bulk financing of single family rental portfolios, including loan options for foreign nationals.

High LTVs, investor friendly underwriting, and fast approvals are equipping aggressive investors with liquidity to expand while value and yields are their most attractive.

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State of Illinois Real Estate Resources:

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Illinois Investment Real Estate for Sale by the Government

Illinois multi family housing may be available for purchase from Illinois government offices.


Government owned Multi Family Housing may be for sale by the USDA-RD and USDA-FSA.

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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