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NORTH DAKOTA - The Peace Garden State Bringing Home the Bakken

Where is the happiest state in America?

According to Gallop, you guessed it, North Dakota. North Dakota tops all 50 states when it comes to long term economic health.

Good paying jobs abound with shortages of workers in all disciplines since the development of the Bakken oil field (discovered in 1951) went into full swing in 2007. The influx of workers from all around the world is causing massive housing shortages for these new workers.

Steeped in big sky beauty, fertile soils, and hard working citizens, North Dakota promises anyone with rental home portfolios to have full tenancy and profits for a long time.

All About North Dakota

Steeped in big sky beauty, fertile soils, and hard working citizens, North Dakota's economy remained stable for most of its existence.  The population rose and fell only slightly throughout ND's existence, but in the late 90's concerns were voiced regarding a drop in population.  This all changed around 2007 when the oil industry realized it would be profitable to develop the massive Bakken oil field due to Global threats to a stable oil supply. The decision was made to develop the Bakken field to accomodate the need for a stable oil supply and attending rapid growth in demand for oil in the developing countries like China and India.

The development of Bakken caused a large demand for workers and the party began.  The large influx of workers to develop the oil field caused a housing shortage and a prime opportunity for those involved with rental home loans and rental home portfolios to profit from the increase in demand for adequate housing.


Those involved with Rental Home Loans, Rental Home Portfolios or other Rental Portfolios began to look at the change in Housing Unit Estimates. Ranking #20 in the US for a median household income of $51,704,  North Dakota offers both a stable and livable wage. In addition, The Bakken growth produced an astounding and unheard of 10.4% increase in Housing units; ranking it No. 1 of the States in housing unit increases.

The Bakken has skyrocketed the need for housing in ND and this need will continue to rise when "Housing" switches from campers and mobile homes to permanent structures.



North Dakota's 739,482 individuals ranks 47th in US Population. This number should grow for the next 100 years due to its new oil industry.

pop increase


Tourism is North Dakota's 3rd largest industry. Almost every tourist attraction imaginable is available, however, its top attractions tend to be scenic and historical.  In 2013, 24 million visitors provided $307 million dollars in tax revenue, much of it from foreign visitors.  From fishing at Devil's Lake to partying in Fargo, or horse back riding it the Theordore Rosevelt National Park, there's plenty of reasons why tourism will continue to be ND's 3rd largest and growing industry. Tourism is one of the main reasons ND has a surplus budget.

ND Real Estate Data Trends

In spite of the "Boom/Bust" nature of the oil industry based on the world market, North Dakota has placed itself on the map and is developing the infrastructure to accomodate the Bakken. The recent "glut" of excess oil on the market reduced the price of gasoline, but when you look at the numbers, the "glut" represents less than a day's global demand for oil and the price of oil is forecasted to increase in 2016 - good for Bakken business.

In Summary

Infrastructure is being built, more homes and municipal services are being constructed. More tenants will stay in the area to maintain this infrastructure.  The growth boom should provide opportunities for rental home loans and rental home portfolios for a long time to come.

ND Real Estate Resources

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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