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Minnesota Investment Real Estate & New Mortgage Loans

Minnesota Investment Opportunities for Residential and Multifamily Investors

MN may be one of the most underestimated, yet most promising real estate markets in the US. So what’s in store for the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’, how strong are the fundamentals, and where are the opportunities for residential and multifamily investors fueled by new mortgage loans?


60% of MN residents live in the Twin Cities metro area anchored by Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Outside of this metropolitan zone the most populated Minn. cities are Saint Cloud, Duluth, and Rochester.

Indiana has a relatively young population with a median age of 37 years old. The state escaped the worst of the housing crash, and remains strong economically thanks to a strong manufacturing industry, which continues to attractive companies willing to relocate here to take advantage of the highly skilled workforce.

While many real estate investors may not know much more about Minnesota than how cold it gets, the state has far more going for it. Personal income in the state has continuously ranked in the top 5 to 10 states in the nation.

Anchored by raw materials, fueled by retail businesses, and home to the headquarters of the largest privately owned US company, and 33 of the top 1,000 publicly traded US companies, MN’s fundamentals are strong.

Richard Davis, CEO of US Bancorp, which is also headquarter in Minneapolis recently told the Business Journal “This should be America’s greatest city.” If the Minneapolis Downtown Council has its way, it soon could be. The council just launched a new website to promote new business and investment and has been called one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

MN Real Estate Stats & Trends

As of June 2014 MN boasted one of the lowest unemployment rates, at just 4.6%. According Edina Realty as of September 2014 this together with low mortgage interest rates makes “Minnesota one of the best states for home affordability.”

Quick Facts from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors:

  • Price range with the strongest sales is $1M+
  • Days on market are lowest for townhomes at 68 days
  • Pending sales for new construction $1M+ homes rose 29.5% y-o-y to August 2014
  • Median sales prices have risen the most for condos and new construction, up 16% and 10.3%
  • Price per square foot has risen almost 50% for new condos for 12 months to Aug. 2014
  • Minneapolis had 4.4 months of supply in 8-2014, though this scales rapidly in–line with price range
  • Minneapolis REO sales and short sales have fallen almost 50% since 2013

Investment Real Estate for sale by the State of Minnesota

Minnesota Deptartment of Administration

MN Investment Property Loans now offers both single family and multifamily investment property loans in MN.

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    Serving Every State in America! Adding more to our gov surplus directory regularly.

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